[SAP - HCM] Payroll business knowledge

Gross Income

Eyee PHF
Eyee PI (Pension)
Eyee UI (Unemployment)
Eyee MI (Medical)

Eyer PHF
Eyer PI
Eyer UI
Eyer MI
Eyer Maternity Insurance
Eyer On-Job Injury
Eyer Heating Fund
Eyer Handicapped Fund

Tax From salary


For China

Pension Insurance - Eyer 12% Eyee 8%

Medical Insurance - Eyer 8% Eyee 2%

Individual contributions accumulated over 15 years of age PI:
To the basic monthly pension after retirement equal to the local average monthly wages in the previous year's 20% + in my account the amount of storage / 120
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时间: 2010-04-06


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