SEO strategy for large-scale site

CYTS English station is a travel service for foreign customers sites, all of its competitors when doing SEO, all in the competition "china tour" and "china travel" the two words, in fact, even if these two words discharged to the first day, leave to bring that is very small. CYTS in helping to do because, I have helped the company's inbound tourism web site 3 did SEO, two of the three companies are listed companies, when they find me very simple, we must row the word china tour , the three sites in the period of my cooperation, I regarded them discharged to the first page of the word, but by then the traffic statistics you can see, bringing very little traffic. Through professional keyword analysis tool can be found, use the word china tour inquiry foreigner few people who use china tours china tour of more than several times, but the search is still not very high frequency.

Since 2005, I give some websites when doing SEO, the first one to give them with the concept: Do not do rankings to SEO, but to make money to do SEO, trying to make money, to get more customers , want to get more customers, it must have a lot of traffic, trying to introduce a lot of traffic, a large number of keywords to be SEO.

If you give CYTS do SEO, SEO is still common in accordance with the above routine, then CYTS to me is not worth hundreds of thousands of very, and I embarrassed myself to received. Therefore, Wang Tong to do is give them a drastic change and a rapid growth, to achieve this effect, I have to find the point of explosion.

The explosion point how you find them?

Of course, from keyword analysis to begin, so I may have to cover their web site to do a keyword analyzed:

Category: Hot Words

For example, china tours, travel to china, china hotel so popular words, although the popularity of such words, but on a limited search volume, while competition is very severe, so the focus should not be considered.

The second category: Tourist Attractions

For example, the English wording of the Great Wall, great wall of china on the word million searches a day. Search the Great Wall and even how long each day there are hundreds of foreigners. Therefore, all of the attractions as key words, is not a small amount.

II: Names + travel

For example: travel to beijing, travel to shanghai ... ... ... ... it immediately generated a few thousand keywords

The third category: names + hotels

For example: beijing hotels, guangzhou hotels ... ... ... ... these words have appeared in hundreds of key words

The third category: cheap + names + Flights

For example: cheap beijing flights, cheap shanghai flights that hundreds of key words, there has been

The fourth category: This is a real explosion point, "City Name to city names cheap flights"

The amount of that be? Conservative calculation, 500 cities combined is 250,000 keywords.

After developing this strategy, then is to design these keywords page templates, directly to the key words in the template layout and design of a good internal link structure, then use the program buttoned web interface, built hundreds of thousands of keywords on a Web page. With the hundreds of thousands of keywords page, effortlessly, three months later, the English station CYTS flow increased 15-fold.

Net strategy and Kingsoft Tencent pat love PowerWord the SEO strategy for detonation point may suggest, for the time being removed.

How to SEO a site excavated detonation point?

Keep in mind the following principles:

1, SEO is a web site promotion methods

2, site promotion is part of network marketing

3, network marketing operation is part of the work site

4, the site is aimed at operating profit website, and not engage in forms.

Under the logic in this big, looking for the site SEO breakthrough time must be combined with site operating strategy, network marketing, and other website promotion methods. For example, a B2B site for some time to do SEO, we focus on the tipping point that put their training to the members to which each and every member is active and other sites to exchange links, so that in a short time, had so many reverse link. SEO results is the speed of the fast-liter rockets.

Well, I found a large site SEO tipping point is from what you start?

1, keyword strategies

2, web content strategy;

3, link structure strategy;

4, keyword distribution strategies;

5, reverse link building strategy;

6, Search Engine Optimization Strategies ... ...

SEO for large websites that technology is never a problem, the real question is SEO Policy question, so when optimizing a Daxing site must be analyzed through this site features, SEO mining reveal its future potential, then administers the right The SEO strategy, may not need too much effort, you can get very amazing SEO results.
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