javascript method called frame

<frameset rows="75,*" framespacing="0" frameborder="no" border="0" noresize>
  <frame src="frame/top.htm" scrolling="no" name="topF" noresize>
  <frameset cols="190,*" framespacing="0" border="0" noresize>
    <frame src="dfdf.html" scrolling="no" noresize>
    <frameset rows="30,*" framespacing="0" border="0" noresize>
        <frame src="./htm" scrolling="no" noresize name="subright">
        <frame src="sdf.htm" name="mainFrame"  noresize>

For the above code, self.parent.frames get used <frame> label, but self.parent.frames.length = 4

For example: self.parent.frames ["topF"] get name = "topF" the <frame>

The method in the javascript call frame

self.parent.frames [frame name or number]. Methods


self.parent.frame name. Methods

Call the parent frame of the sub-frame

self.parent.frames [parent frame]. frames [sub-frame]


window.frames [sub-frame]

Call the same layer frame

self.parent.frames [frame]

Self above the window can be replaced
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时间: 2010-06-09


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