erlang ETS can record for seamless integration

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erlang record as a data structure (a special Tuple, like an array), usually used for volume delivery function.
We can also choose to list ETS as a memory storage record, Ets very suitable for a large number of temporary data storage, the most important is that ETS can record for seamless integration.

%% Statement of record users under the Eshell
1> rd (users, (uid, website = "t.qq** / lajabs", name, time = time ()}).
%% Ets built on the table, and create in order to record as the index key element uid, the following additions and deletions will use it to change search
2> ets: new (users, [public, set, named_table, (keypos, # users.uid)]).
%% Create a record, and element assignment
3> Users = # users (uid = 101, name = lajabs).
# Users (uid = 101, website = "t.qq** / lajabs", name = lajabs,
time = (16,48,32))
%% Will create a good record into ets
4> ets: insert (users, Users).
%% Create a second record
5> Users2 = # users (uid = 102, name = laja2).
# Users (uid = 102, website = "t.qq** / lajabs", name = laja2,
time = (16,49,16))
%% To record users have stored ets, then users table with 2 records
6> ets: insert (users, Users2).
%% Try to check uid (index key) for the 102 records, a successful return to record (before the definition of variables Users2), need to pay attention to returns a list (with [])
7> ets: lookup (users, 102).
[# Users (uid = 102, website = "t.qq** / lajabs", name = laja2,
time = (16,49,16))]
%% Ets update on the record, the element name changed to 'hello'
8> ets: update_element (users, 102, (#, hello)).
%% See the revised findings, the success has changed
9> ets: lookup (users, 102).
[# Users (uid = 102, website = "t.qq** / lajabs", name = hello,
time = (16,49,16))]
%% Remove the uid (index key) record for the 102
10> ets: delete (users, 102).
%% See the results have been removed successfully, return the empty list []
11> ets: lookup (users, 102).
%% Query record the value of an element of the following ways
12> ets: lookup_element (users, 101, #
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时间: 2010-06-29


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