PHP automatically load the class

We know that in PHP5 methods can be achieved by defining __autoload loaded automatically.

For example:

function __autoload($class_name) {
require_once $class_name . '.php';

However, only one large-scale projects in loader function looked very powerless. Then consider ways to use dynamic loading spl.

A loader class (with reference to the realization of ZF thinking, feeling good)

 * Loader Class  
 * @author yuyii
 class Loader {

          This function is used to load the file for the class, support manually invoke the function  , Manually call-time arguments dir can define path  
         @param string $class  The name of the class  
         @param string $dir (optional)  The directory name  
         public static function loadClass($class,$dir = null) {
                 if (class_exists($class, false) || interface_exists($class, false)) {
         // Gets the file name, class name here to go to the camel  '_' Split filenames  
         //myClass => my_class.php
         $file = strtolower(preg_replace("/([a-z0-])(?=[A-Z])/","$_",$class)).'.php';

                 if (!empty($dir) && is_string($dir)) {
                         $dir = rtrim($dir, '\\/');
                         @include_once($dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $file);
                 } else {
                         @include_once $file;

          Registration is used to automatically load function  
         @param string $class
         public static function autoload($class) {

          Register the add-in function of the method, you need to manually call a  , This function can also be used to load the custom loader class  , Load the classes in the autoload function  
         @param string $class (optional) The class name, the default is  Loader, The current class  
         @param bool $enabled (optional)true As a registered, false to uninstall  
         @return bool
         public static function registerAutoload($class = 'Loader', $enabled = true) {
                 if(!class_exists($class)) return false;
                 if(!function_exists('spl_autoload_register')) return false;
                 $methods = get_class_methods($class);
                 if (!in_array('autoload', (array) $methods)) {
                         return false;
                 if ($enabled === true) {
                         return spl_autoload_register(array($class, 'autoload'));
                 } else {
                         return spl_autoload_unregister(array($class, 'autoload'));

          Since loading functions  
         @param string $function
         @param bool $enabled (optional)
         @return bool
         public static function registerFunction($function = null,$enabled = true) {
                 if (empty($function) || !function_exists($function)) return false;
                 if(!function_exists('spl_autoload_register')) return false;
                 if ($enabled === true) {
                         return spl_autoload_register($function);
                 } else {
                         return spl_autoload_unregister($function);

Code calls a method is static, in the framework of the initial position by:
Loader:: registerFunction ()
Register here loadClass, I wrote a hump in the search of papers specific to their own change

Code Features:
1. The basic function is the realization of loader
Loader:: registerFunction ()

2. Can customize the new loader (classes and functions to support the way in which class method is called autoload function)
Loader:: registerFunction ('myfunc')

3. Can manually load the class loading path can be defined at this time
Loader:: loadClass ('myClass', 'mypath')
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分类: PHP
时间: 2010-06-22


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