Linux protocol stack of TCP transport protocol (2)

TCP connections initiated the process:

Client server

(State: closed) (State: listen)

---------------->( SYN connection request)

(State: SYN_SENT)

ACK <-------------

(State: SYN_RECV)

-----------------> ACK



TCP close connection process:

Client server

(State: connected) (State: connected))

---------------->( FIN Close request)

(State: FIN_WAIT_1)

ACK <-------------


(State: FIN_WAIT_2)

FIN Close request <--------

(State: LAST_ACK)

(State: TIME_WAIT) ----------> ACK (State: CLOSED)

2MS timer

(State: CLOSED)

If the communication both at the same time send a FIN close request, the parties state set to CLOSING, wait until after the state of the other responses to CLOSE_WAIT.
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时间: 2010-07-20


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