How to design an effective project management development program

Recently did a project for school, the school took the project one over, I started to do the project development plan. In accordance with previous practice in the schools, a project to design a series of management standards:
9 o'clock every day to work off duty at 6 pm, two hours lunch break. Day weekend their own arrangements.

Stage name


Work content

Stage products



The preparation of plans

"Project Development Plan"


Needs analysis

2010-7-12 to 2010-7-14

Original user requirements, functional requirements detailed needs analysis and data analysis

"Test plan", "Glossary," "use case model," "use case explained," "role description"

Design Summary

2010-7-15 to 2010-7-16

Analysis of needs, specific sub-board modules

"Database Design Manual", "conceptual data model and physical data model", the interface prototype, "system test"


2010-7-19 to 2010-7-30

Will achieve the program (design) using engineering methods, using appropriate processes and tools to meet the demand generated, consistent with achieving the program's target system.



2010-8-2 to 2010-8-5

Test developed systems meet their needs.

"Test Log"

Results items


Generate the target system; generate the target system to install the system; confirm to achieve project objectives.

"Test Analysis Report," "configuration status report", "Project Summary Report"

Development Plan time to write is this was probably the beginning so we really do not like to find complete, and the project needs to do a full seven days, day weekend as well. Lack of experience and because the project, doing a rough design to start the project after the data on the design, the result can be imagined, so that rework the. Delayed for four days, no way to criticize and after that she was to do the detailed design of the project. This took another 67 days. This combined have 10 78 days before and after the. After more good it took two days to design out the database design. So doing, I have once again time to revise my development plan.

To conclude, the development plan I had felt a bit like behind closed doors. From five days to 20 days, this gap is not very large. Then analyze such results because of what? First of all, I do not have management experience, development plan as a matter of take it for granted to write, ignoring the complexity of the project. Second, human resources are not distributed well, very few resources needs analysis. The third, the business was not familiar with the needs analysis rather passive. Finally, the project members, like me, no experience, being developed as well.

Conclusion: As a project leader, my management is a problem, development schemes are a total failure. Through this, I have been a great inspiration to design an efficient project management development program is essential.
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时间: 2010-07-30


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