1 Anointing of the Sick British English
2 Civvy Street Clerk of the Closet
3 I mean I must say
4 I suppose so I will thank you to do something
5 Incoming mail server Lithium battery
6 Middle English New Covenant
7 Old Covenant Trivial Pursuit
8 a bad conduct a bad penny always turns up
9 a bad workman always blames his tools a bag of bones
10 a ball of fire a barrel of laughs
11 a bed of roses a big deal
12 a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush a bit much
13 a bit thick a bite at the cherry
14 a blast from the past a blessing in disguise
15 a bowl of cherries a brass farthing
16 a brick short of a load a broken reed
17 a broth of a boy a call to arms
18 a can of worms a centre of excellence
19 a change is as good as a rest a chapter of accidents
20 a chip off the old block a conspiracy of silence
21 a counsel of despair a counsel of perfection
22 a different kettle of fish a done deal
23 a drop in the bucket a dusty answer
24 a dying breed a fate worse than death
25 a fight to the finish a firm hand
26 a foregone conclusion a glutton for punishment
27 a good few a good job
28 a great deal a great many
29 a heartbeat away a helping hand
30 a hill of beans a labour of Hercules
31 a labour of love a leap in the dark
32 a lick and a promise a likely story
33 a little a lump in the throat
34 a matter of a matter of course
35 a matter of opinion a matter of record
36 a meeting of minds a mile a minute
37 a month of Sundays a mover and shaker
38 a name to conjure with a nasty one
39 a necessary evil a needle in a haystack
40 a new broom sweeps clean a new one
41 a nodding acquaintance a pat on the back
42 a peg to hang a matter on a piece of cake
43 a pox on a race against time
44 a rainy day a rum go
45 a sack of potatoes a sinking ship
46 a slice of the action a song and dance
47 a square peg in a round hole a stab in the back
48 a stab in the dark a sticky wicket
49 a stiff upper lip a stitch in time saves nine
50 a straight face a tale of a tub
51 a tall order a tangled web
52 a tempest in a teapot a touch
53 a trifle a trouble shared is a trouble halved
54 a voice in the wilderness abandon ship
55 abide by abjure the realm
56 about time about to do something
57 above suspicion above the line
58 access by remote access denied
59 accident and emergency accidental homicide
60 according to account for
61 aches and pains acquired taste
62 across country across from
63 across the board act of God
64 act of grace act out
65 act the maggot act up
66 actions speak louder than words add insult to injury
67 after a fashion after a sort
68 after all after hours
69 after you again and again
70 against nature against the grain
71 against the sun agree to differ
72 ahead of ahead of the game
73 ahead of time aid and abet
74 aim high alarums and excursions
75 alive and kicking alive and well
76 alive to all and sundry
77 all at once all bets are off
78 all but all comers
79 all ends up all flesh
80 all for all found
81 all fours all hours
82 all is not lost all manner of
83 all of a tremble all one knows
84 all over bar the shouting all over the lot
85 all over the shop all over the show
86 all present and correct all standing
87 all that glitters is not gold all the best
88 all the go all things considered
89 all to the good all wet
90 along about along with
91 an accident waiting to happen an army marches on its stomach
92 an arrow in the quiver an article of faith
93 an awful lot an early bath
94 an even break an itching palm
95 an offer of amends an old chestnut
96 and company and everything
97 and no mistake and one knows it
98 and so forth and stuff
99 and such and the like
100 and then some answer the description of
101 any amount of any number of
102 any old any old how
103 any port in a storm anything but
104 anywhere near apart from
105 argue the toss arm in arm
106 armed to the teeth arrest of judgement
107 arse about face arse over tit
108 article of virtu as I see it
109 as a general rule as a matter of fact
110 as a rule as and when
111 as clear as mud as cross as two sticks
112 as easy as winking as far as I can see
113 as far as one can tell as fit as a fiddle
114 as fit as a flea as for
115 as fresh as a daisy as from
116 as happy as a sandboy as it happens
117 as it stands as likely as not
118 as luck would have it as much
119 as near as damn it as nutty as a fruitcake
120 as often as not as old as the hills
121 as opposed to as per usual
122 as regular as clockwork as safe as houses
123 as silent as the grave as sober as a judge
124 as such as sure as death
125 as the case may be as the crow flies
126 as though as usual
127 as who should say as yet
128 aside from ask for trouble
129 ask me another asleep at the switch
130 at a clip at a disadvantage
131 at a discount at a glance
132 at a gulp at a lick
133 at a loss at a low ebb
134 at a price at a profit
135 at a range of at a rate of knots
136 at a rough estimate at a stretch
137 at all at all points
138 at an angle at anchor
139 at any price at bay
140 at cross purposes at daggers drawn
141 at first at first blush
142 at first glance at first hand
143 at first instance at first sight
144 at full cock at full stretch
145 at grade at grass
146 at gunpoint at hack
147 at hand at interest
148 at intervals at issue
149 at it at last
150 at leisure at length
151 at liberty at livery
152 at need at port arms
153 at random at risk
154 at root at source
155 at speed at stool
156 at stud at the buzzer
157 at the drop of a hat at the earliest
158 at the end of the day at the end of the rainbow
159 at the furthest at the instance of
160 at the latest at the outside
161 at the slope at the trail
162 at the wicket Cricket at variance
163 at war attachment of earnings
164 away with away with the fairies
165 ax to grind backwards and forwards
166 badly off bag and baggage
167 bake blind bake something blind
168 balance of payments balance of power
169 balance of trade bandy words
170 bank on banner headline
171 baptism of fire bar none
172 bare all bare of
173 bash on bash something out
174 battle it out battle royal
175 battle stations bawl someone out
176 bay for blood be a box of birds
177 be a darling be a far cry from
178 be a mass of be a question of time
179 be able to be absorbed in
180 be after doing something be all ears
181 be all eyes be all fingers and thumbs
182 be all fur coat and no knickers be all hat and no cattle
183 be all smiles be all thumbs
184 be an item be as right as rain
185 be at a stand be at the bottom of
186 be beforehand with be bouncing off the walls
187 be brought to bed be built like a brick shithouse
188 be burned at the stake be carved on tablets of stone
189 be climbing the walls be crook on
190 be crowded with be cruel to be kind
191 be detrimental to be done and dusted
192 be easier said than done be engraved in stone
193 be filled with be firing blanks
194 be for it be fresh out of
195 be full of the joys of spring be gone on
196 be good news be hard on
197 be hearing things be history
198 be in at the death be in at the kill
199 be in credit be in debit
200 be in for be in good company
201 be in hospital be in on the act
202 be in pictures be in the doghouse
203 be in the majority be in the market for
204 be in the money be in the process of doing something
205 be in the race be in the same boat
206 be jumping up and down be left at the post
207 be left for dead be lost for words
208 be lost on be made of sterner stuff
209 be mentioned in dispatches be miles away
210 be my guest be no joke
211 be no respecter of persons be none the wiser
212 be not about to do something be not long for this world
213 be not worth the paper it is written on be nothing to do with
214 be nothing to write home about be nutty about
215 be of be of assistance
216 be of the belief that be of the opinion that
217 be on a hiding to nothing be on about
218 be on about how about just about be on at someone
219 be on firm ground be on nodding terms
220 be on the offensive be on the rag
221 be on the take be on the watch
222 be on to someone be on to something
223 be open to debate be open with
224 be over be part and parcel of
225 be quick off the mark be riding for a fall
226 be running on empty be saved by the bell
227 be seeing things be set in concrete
228 be shitting bricks be sick
229 be similar to be simplicity itself
230 be skin and bone be spoilt for choice
231 be spoken for be staring something in the face
232 be sure be taken ill
233 be ten a penny be that as it may
234 be the case be the death of
235 be the despair of be the limit
236 be the making of someone be the most
237 be the pits be thick on the ground
238 be thrown back on be tickets
239 be to blame be to do with
240 be toast be tuned in
241 be unable to hear oneself think be unable to hold a candle to
242 be under the illusion that be up with the lark
243 be vaccined be well rid of
244 be wise after the event be wrapped up in
245 bear arms bear down on
246 bear fruit bear in mind
247 bear someone a grudge bear the brunt of
248 bear the burden of beat a retreat
249 beat about the bush beat off
250 beat out beat someone at their own game
251 beat someone hollow beat someone to the punch
252 beat the bushes beat the count
253 beat the rap beauty is in the eye of the beholder
254 because of become of
255 bed of nails bedside manner
256 beer and skittles before the mast
257 before the wind before you can say knife
258 beg off beg to differ
259 behind closed doors behind the counter
260 believe it or not bells and whistles
261 below decks belt and braces
262 beneath contempt benefit of clergy
263 bent out of shape besetting sin
264 beside oneself beside the point
265 bet the farm between two fires
266 between you and me and the wall betwixt and between
267 beyond belief beyond description
268 beyond doubt beyond recall
269 beyond the pale beyond the veil
270 bid defiance bid fair
271 bid fair to bid in
272 bid up big gun
273 big idea big jobs
274 big money big on
275 big screen bill and coo
276 bind off birds of a feather flock together
277 bit of rough bit of stuff
278 black out blast off
279 blaze up blissful ignorance
280 blot sth out blow a gasket
281 blow the whistle on blunder into
282 bob and weave bob for apples
283 bob up body and soul
284 bog in bog off boil down
285 boil down to boil over
286 boom boom born and bred
287 born on the wrong side of the blanket bottle and glass
288 bottom out bounce an idea off someone
289 bound up in bow out
290 box of tricks boys in blue
291 boys will be boys brace up
292 brassed off brave new world
293 breach of promise breach of the peace
294 break a leg break bread
295 break camp break cover
296 break down break in
297 break into break off
298 break step break the bank
299 break the ice break the mould
300 breathe fire breed apart
301 breed like rabbits brevity is the soul of wit
302 brew up bricks and mortar
303 bright and early bring down the curtain on
304 bring someone to book bring someone to justice
305 bring something home to bring something into question
306 bring something up to code bring to naught
307 bring to pass bring up the rear
308 broad in the beam broadside on
309 bronze medal brothers in arms
310 brush someone back brush up
311 buck up buckle down
312 buckle to buckle up
313 buddy up bugger all
314 bugger me bugger off
315 bump into bums on seats
316 burden of proof burn out
317 burn something to a crisp burn up
318 burnt to a cinder business as usual
319 bust a gut but for
320 but that butt heads
321 butt in butt **
322 butt out butter up
323 buy off buy out
324 buy the farm buy time
325 buy up by a canvas
326 by a nose by accident
327 by and by by appointment
328 by appointment to the Queen by choice
329 by common consent by courtesy
330 by default by definition
331 by degrees by deputy
332 by design by dint of
333 by extension by force of
334 by implication by inches
335 by itself by main force
336 by marriage by mistake
337 by name by no manner of means
338 by numbers by oneself
339 by order by parol
340 by road by rule
341 by sea by the book
342 by the dozen by the shoe leather express
343 by the truckload by the yard
344 by water by wire
345 cakes and ale call a halt
346 call a spade a spade call back
347 call down call for
348 call forth call it quits
349 call the tune cannot choose but do something
350 card in card out
351 care of carry a torch for
352 carry away carry forward
353 carry off carry on
354 carve something out case in point
355 cash down cash in
356 cash out cast about
357 cast around cast off
358 cast on catch a crab
359 catch fire catch on
360 catch out catch someone napping
361 catch someone with their trousers down catch the sun
362 catch up cause and effect
363 cause of action caver in
364 caviar to the general chain of causation
365 chalk up change address
366 change colour change hands
367 change of pace change of scene
368 change of scenery change off
369 chapter and verse charity begins at home
370 chase the dragon chat someone up
371 chat up cheap and cheerful
372 cheap and nasty cheap at the price
373 cheap at twice the price check in
374 check out check over
375 cheek by jowl cheek to cheek
376 chew the cud chew the rag
377 chew the scenery chime in
378 chip in choke back
379 choke off choke something back
380 choke up choose up
381 chop logic chosen few
382 chosen people churn out
383 churn something out circle the wagons
384 circumstances alter cases citizen of the world
385 claim to fame clamp down
386 clap eyes on clap hold of
387 clarion call clasp hands
388 clean out clean up
389 clerk of the course climb down
390 clip the wings of close but no cigar
391 close by close in
392 close out close the books
393 closed book clutch at straws
394 coals to Newcastle come a mucker
395 come about come across
396 come along come down the pike
397 come in handy come into question
398 come out in the wash come out of the woodwork
399 come to a bad end come to a sticky end
400 come to grief come to naught
401 come to no harm come to pass
402 come to rest come to terms with
403 come true come up dry
404 come up smiling comedy of errors
405 commend me to commercial potential
406 commit suicide common ground
407 common knowledge common or garden
408 complete with conclude missives
409 confidential material considerable experience
410 contradiction in terms contrary to
411 cor blimey corn on the cob
412 corridors of power count coup
413 count noses count on
414 count sheep crack a book
415 crack a bottle crack a crib
416 crack of dawn crack the whip
417 crank out crank up
418 crap on crash and burn
419 cream something off creature of habit
420 credit where credit is due crop out
421 crop up cross that bridge when one comes to it
422 cross the floor crowning glory
423 cruising for a bruising cry wolf
424 crystal clear cuckoo in the nest
425 culpable homicide curiosity killed the cat
426 curry favor currying favor with
427 cut a caper cut a swath
428 cut on the bias cut someone some slack
429 cut someone to the quick cut the cackle
430 cut the mustard daily life
431 damsel in distress dance attendance on
432 dash something off day of obligation
433 dead as mutton deafening silence
434 defence in depth defy description
435 degrees of frost deliver the goods
436 delusions of grandeur depart this life
437 depending on deserve a medal
438 desperate diseases must have desperate remedies dialogue of the deaf
439 diamond cut diamond diamond in the rough
440 dice with death different strokes for different folks
441 dig a pit for discretion is the better part of valour
442 dish out dish the dirt
443 dispose of distance lends enchantment to the view
444 distinction without a difference division of labour
445 do a bunk do a fade
446 do a runner do anything for a quiet life
447 do drugs do lunch
448 do more harm than good do oneself an injury
449 do oneself justice do someone a favour
450 do someone an injustice do someone dirt
451 do someone no favours do someone proud
452 do the business do the decent thing
453 do the dirty on someone do the honours
454 do the job do the trick
455 do violence to do without
456 dog and bone dog eat dog
457 dog in the manger dollars to doughnuts
458 done for doom and gloom
459 dope something out down south
460 down the drain down the hatch
461 down the middle down the road
462 down to the wire doze off
463 drag someone through the mud draw a bead on
464 draw a blank draw a veil over
465 draw blood draw rein
466 dress someone down dress something up
467 dressed overall dressed to kill
468 dressed to nines drink and drive
469 drink deep drive a coach and horses through
470 drive a hard bargain drive a wedge between
471 drive at drive someone to distraction
472 drive someone up the wall drive something home
473 drop anchor drunk and disorderly
474 due to duke it out
475 dull as dishwater dummy up
476 dump on dust and ashes
477 dyed in the wool each and every
478 eager beaver early bird
479 early doors easy of access
480 eat crow eat dirt
481 eat humble pie ebb and flow
482 economical with the truth economy of scale
483 economy of scope eff and blind
484 eh up either way
485 enough is as good as a feast enough is enough
486 enough said enter into the spirit
487 enter the lists err on the right side
488 err on the side of err on the side of caution
489 eternal triangle even as
490 even if even though
491 ever and anon ever since
492 every bit as every cloud has a silver lining
493 every few every inch
494 every nook and cranny every trick in the book
495 every whit everything but the kitchen sink
496 everything in the garden is rosy everywhere else
497 exchange contracts excuse me
498 exeunt omnes explain away
499 explain oneself extremes meet
500 eyeball to eyeball fade in
501 fade out fall between two stools
502 fall by the wayside fall flat
503 fall into step fall off of the back a lorry
504 fall on stony ground fall prey to
505 fall victim to false position
506 familiarity breeds contempt famous for being famous
507 famous for fifteen minutes famous last words
508 far and near far and wide
509 farm out favourite son
510 feel strange feel the draught
511 feet of clay fetch and carry
512 fetch up few and far between
513 fiddle while Rome burns fifteen minutes of fame
514 fight a losing battle fight fire with fire
515 fight or flight fight shy of
516 fight tooth and nail figure of fun
517 figure of speech find fault
518 find favour find the lady
519 finish someone off finish up
520 fire and brimstone fire away
521 first cousin once removed first cousin twice removed
522 fish or cut bait fishing expedition
523 fit like a glove fit the bill
524 fit to be tied fit to bust
525 fix up flatten out
526 flavour of the month flicker out
527 flog a dead horse flunk out
528 flutter the dovecotes fly in the face of
529 fly the coop fly the flag
530 fob off food for thought
531 for a certainty for a song
532 for all seasons for aye
533 for certain for crying out loud
534 for dear life for effect
535 for example for free
536 for fun for future reference
537 for keeps for my money
538 for nothing for now
539 for one for openers
540 for real for rent
541 for show for starters
542 for sure for that matter
543 for the benefit of for the birds
544 for the duration for the love of God
545 for the love of Mike for the most part
546 for the nonce for the pot
547 for the record for the ride
548 for the sake of argument for the taking
549 for want of forbid the banns
550 forbidden fruit force the bidding
551 forced march forever and a day
552 forever and ever forge ahead
553 form of address fortune favours the brave
554 forty winks four noble truths
555 free and easy free of charge
556 freshen up from all angles
557 from bad to worse from memory
558 from pillar to post from soup to nuts
559 from stem to stern from strength
560 from the floor from the top
561 from top to bottom from top to toe
562 front and center front of house
563 froth at the mouth ** all
564 full to overflowing fun and games
565 functionally illiterate funk something up
566 fur and feather gain time
567 game on gang agley
568 gang up gas up
569 gather way get a fix on
570 get a load of get a move on
571 get a shift on get a wiggle on
572 get a word in edgeways get down to brass tacks
573 get hitched get hold of
574 get in there get into bed with
575 get it on get it up
576 get knotted get lost
577 get moving get on top of
578 get or have itchy feet get out of bed on the wrong side
579 get outside of get physical
580 get religion get rid of
581 get sick get someone wrong
582 get something in one get something over with
583 get something straight get somewhere
584 get stuffed get the message
585 get the nod get to first base
586 get weaving get wind of
587 get with the program ghost at the feast
588 gild the lily give and take
589 give as good as one gets give birth
590 give credence to give evidence
591 give it a rest give oneself airs
592 give place to give pursuit
593 give someone a mouthful give someone a shout
594 give someone the creeps give someone the glad eye
595 give someone the hairy eyeball give someone the shudders
596 give someone the slip give someone their due
597 give something a miss give something a whirl
598 give something up as a bad job give suck
599 give up the ghost give voice to
600 gloom and doom go astray
601 go ballistic go belly up
602 go bush go by default
603 go by the board go by the wayside
604 go commando go crook
605 go down a bomb go down a storm
606 go down in history go down the drain
607 go down the pan go downhill
608 go flying go for broke
609 go for the jugular go gold
610 go into action go into detail
611 go it alone go legit
612 go mad go nap
613 go native go off the rails
614 go overboard go phut
615 go places go platinum
616 go postal go private
617 go public go shares
618 go south go steady
619 go straight go the distance
620 go the extra mile go the knuckle
621 go the way of all flesh go the whole hog
622 go through the motions go to arbitration
623 go to bed with go to court
624 go to pot go to press
625 go to sea go to smash
626 go to the mat go to the pack
627 go to the stake for go to the wars
628 go to town go to war
629 go to waste go up in smoke
630 go walkabout go west
631 go with the flow go without
632 going on gone a million
633 good riddance good wine needs no bush
634 grasp the nettle grease the palm of
635 grease the skids great and small
636 great oaks from little acorns grow grin and bear it
637 grist to the mill grow into
638 guard of honour guest of honour
639 guilt by association gum up
640 gun for hack around
641 hack someone off hacking cough
642 had need had rather
643 hail from hair of the dog
644 half a loaf is better than no bread half the battle
645 hand down hand on
646 hand out hand over
647 handsome is as handsome does hang around
648 hang back hang by a thread
649 happy hunting ground hard as nails
650 hard cheese harden something off
651 hardening of the arteries hardly any
652 hardly ever harmony of the spheres
653 harp on haul someone over the coals
654 have a bun in the oven have a cadenza
655 have a cow have a few
656 have a lock on have a mountain to climb
657 have a problem with have a shy at
658 have a soft spot for have a thin time
659 have a tin ear have an aptitude for
660 have an aptitude to have an axe to grind
661 have at have been around
662 have been in the wars have designs on
663 have everything have eyes like a hawk
664 have eyes like saucers have first dibs on
665 have it both ways have kittens
666 have no business have nothing on someone
667 have nothing to do with have nothing to lose
668 have on have one over the eight
669 have someone on toast have something against someone
670 have something on good authority have something to offer
671 have swallowed a dictionary have the advantage of
672 have tickets on oneself have two left feet
673 have what it takes he who hesitates is lost
674 he who pays the piper calls the tune head off
675 hear from hearken back
676 heave in sight heave to
677 heavy going hem and haw
678 her indoors here and now
679 here and there here goes
680 hey up hidden depths
681 hide out highly commended
682 his and hers hit the bottle
683 hit the hay hit the road
684 hit the sack hit the skids
685 hit the spot hither and yon
686 hive off hive something off
687 hoe in hoe into
688 hold a brief for hold a candle to
689 hold back hold down
690 hold forth hold no brief for
691 hold off hold someone in contempt
692 hold something in fee hold sway
693 hold the field hold the purse strings
694 hold the ring hold the stage
695 honesty is the best policy honor bound
696 honour bright honours are even
697 hook up hope for the best
698 hope springs eternal in the human ** hopping mad
699 house of ill fame how much
700 how the land lies how the world wags
701 howl down huff and puff
702 ice the puck idle something away
703 if I were you if and only if
704 if and when if anything
705 if my memory serves me ill at ease
706 imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in Queer Street
707 in a body in a brown study
708 in a delicate condition in a fog
709 in a hurry in a manner of speaking
710 in a minor key in a nutshell
711 in a snap in a spot
712 in a vacuum in a whirl
713 in accord with in action
714 in actual fact in addition
715 in addition to in advance
716 in advance of in aid of
717 in all in all innocence
718 in all likelihood in all probability
719 in all weathers in an interesting condition
720 in and out of in anticipation
721 in arms in attendance
722 in ballast in behalf of
723 in bond in bottle
724 in bounds in brief
725 in broad daylight in bud
726 in bulk in business
727 in canon in cement
728 in chorus in clover
729 in commemoration in commission
730 in common in company
731 in company with in concert
732 in conclusion in conference
733 in conjunction in connection with
734 in consideration of in contention
735 in context in contravention of
736 in control in convoy
737 in court in danger of
738 in default in default of
739 in deference to in defiance of
740 in demand in depth
741 in detail in dock
742 in doubt in due course
743 in duplicate in earnest
744 in eclipse in effect
745 in effigy in embryo
746 in escrow in essence
747 in exchange in facsimile
748 in favor of in favour
749 in fawn in fess
750 in flank in for
751 in front in front of
752 in fruit in full career
753 in full flight in full flow
754 in full view in funds
755 in future in gear
756 in general in goal
757 in good standing in hardback
758 in harness in her complement
759 in hock in honour bound
760 in isolation in its entirety
761 in its totality in itself
762 in jig time in lamb
763 in league in less than no time
764 in lieu of in little
765 in marriage in mass
766 in memory of in mesh
767 in microcosm in midstream
768 in milk in miniature
769 in mint condition in mitigation
770 in moderation in mothballs
771 in motion in no uncertain terms
772 in obedience to in on
773 in opposition in order
774 in order for in order that
775 in order to in order to do something
776 in ordinary in outline
777 in pale in paperback
778 in parallel in parenthesis
779 in particular in passing
780 in pawn in pod
781 in point of fact in practice
782 in principle in private
783 in process of time in profile
784 in progress in proportion
785 in pup in question
786 in rags in recovery
787 in relation to in relief
788 in reserve in residence
789 in residence take up residence in retard
790 in retrospect in ruins
791 in safe hands in sequence
792 in series in session
793 in seventh heaven in shore
794 in short order in short supply
795 in silence in silhouette
796 in small doses in some sort
797 in sooth in spades
798 in specie in spite of
799 in spite of oneself in sport
800 in spots in stitches
801 in substance in sum
802 in summary in sunder
803 in support of in tandem
804 in that in the absence of sth
805 in the abstract in the affirmative
806 in the air in the altogether
807 in the balance in the belief that
808 in the buff in the can
809 in the cart in the catbird seat
810 in the cause of in the concrete
811 in the dock in the driving seat
812 in the field in the gift of
813 in the land of the living in the last analysis
814 in the lurch in the main
815 in the making in the market
816 in the mass in the matter of
817 in the middle of in the midst of
818 in the neighbourhood of in the nip
819 in the nude in the offing
820 in the ordinary way in the pink
821 in the pipeline in the process
822 in the pudding club in the region of
823 in the rough in the saddle
824 in the same boat in the second place
825 in the sequel in the soup
826 in the sun in the throes of
827 in the wake of in the wash
828 in theory in this or that connection
829 in touch in tow
830 in train in trim
831 in triplicate in truth
832 in type in unison
833 in view in view of
834 in voice in wait
835 in waiting in wear
836 in whelp in whole
837 in with a shout in words of one syllable
838 in writing individual economy
839 influenza vaccine informed consent
840 inhabited environment inquire after
841 inshore of inside of
842 inside out inspection stock
843 into orbit iron out
844 it is all up with it is only a matter of time
845 it makes no odds it never rains but it pours
846 it stands to reason it takes all sorts to make a world
847 it takes two to tango jam on the brakes
848 jam tomorrow join battle
849 join forces join hands
850 join issue join the club
851 jump the gun just as well
852 just in case justifiable homicide
853 keel over keen on
854 keep a weather eye on keep an eye out
855 keep at keep body and soul together
856 keep cave keep company
857 keep down keep mum
858 keep nit keep off
859 keep pace with keep regular hours
860 keep someone dangling keep someone sweet
861 keep something dark keep something warm for someone
862 keep the field keep the flag flying
863 keep the pot boiling keep to
864 keep up appearances keep watch
865 keep wicket keep your pecker up
866 keep your shirt on key up
867 kick against the pricks kick over the traces
868 kill off kill the fatted calf
869 kiss the rod knock someone off their perch
870 knock someone sideways know what one is about what about
871 knuckle down knuckle under
872 labour the point labour under
873 lap up lares and penates
874 lash out latch on
875 laugh at launch into launch out
876 law of octaves lay about
877 lay aside lay away
878 lay by lay claim to
879 lay down the law lay siege to
880 lay something on the table lead off
881 lead on lead someone astray
882 lead someone by the nose lead someone to the altar
883 lead someone up the aisle lead the field
884 lead up to lean on
885 leave alone leave off
886 leave school leave someone to their own devices
887 lend an ear less and less
888 let alone let bygones be bygones
889 let down let drive
890 let go let on
891 let out let somebody stew in their own juice
892 let something ride let something slide
893 let something slip let up
894 level off liaison interpreting
895 licence to print money lie down
896 lie in life and limb
897 lift off light at the end of the tunnel
898 light up lightning never strikes twice in the same place
899 like a bull at a gate like a bull in a china shop
900 like a demon like a dose of salts
901 like a lamb to the slaughter like a leech
902 like a moth to the flame like a red rag to a bull
903 like a scalded cat like a shag on a rock
904 like a streak like a ton of bricks
905 like anything like blazes
906 like clockwork like crazy
907 like fury like greased lightning
908 like mad like magic
909 like stink like turkeys voting for Christmas
910 like watching paint dry line of communications
911 line up listen in
912 little by little little or nothing
913 live down live in
914 live like a lord live out
915 live with loaded for bear
916 lock horns lock on to
917 lock out loiter with intent
918 look a fright look after
919 look as if you have seen a ghost look daggers at
920 look for look for trouble
921 look kindly on look like
922 look lively look smart
923 lop and top lose a wicket
924 lose caste lose face
925 lose flesh lose heart
926 lose out lose out on
927 lose the plot lose time
928 lose touch lovely jubbly
929 lower the boom on lull sb to do sth
930 made for make a beeline for
931 make a clean ** of make a clean sweep
932 make a conquest of make a drama out of
933 make a face make a fight of it
934 make a fuss make a go of
935 make a hash of make a killing
936 make a market make a match
937 make a meal of make a mockery of
938 make a mountain out of a molehill make a move
939 make a noise make a production of
940 make a spectacle of oneself make a splash
941 make a statement make an ass of oneself
942 make an example of make an exhibition of oneself
943 make an issue of make away with
944 make capital out of make certain
945 make common cause make conversation
946 make for make hay while the sun shines
947 make heavy weather of make history
948 make it a rule to do something make it snappy
949 make little of make mincemeat of someone
950 make no mistake about it make off
951 make oneself scarce make oneself useful
952 make out make over
953 make room make shift
954 make someone sick make someone welcome
955 make sport of make the grade
956 make the most of make the papers
957 make waves make whoopee
958 many moons ago map something out
959 margin of error mark down
960 mark up marriage of convenience
961 may as well me and mine
962 meals on wheels mean business
963 mean to say mean well
964 measure up medieval Latin
965 meet the case meeting of the minds
966 melt in the mouth might as well
967 mince matters mine host
968 minor in minute of arc
969 miss a beat mop something up
970 mop up more and more
971 more like it more often than not
972 more or less move heaven and earth to do something
973 move in move the goalposts
974 move up a gear mow down
975 mow someone down muddle through
976 muddy the waters music of the spheres
977 must needs do something muster in
978 muster out mutton dressed as lamb
979 my humble abode my oath
980 my sainted aunt nail down
981 ** of narrow something down
982 near at hand near enough
983 necessity is the mother of invention needless to say
984 neither chick nor child neither here nor there
985 never a one never cease to
986 never fear never mind
987 never say die next in line
988 night and day nine tenths
989 nine times out of ten nip something in the bud
990 no amount of no can do
991 no comment no contest
992 no dice no harm done
993 no less no little
994 no longer no matter
995 no more no news is good news
996 no object no offence
997 no other no picnic
998 no problem no rest for the wicked
999 no soap no thanks to
1000 none other than none the less
1001 none the worse for nor yet
1002 nose out not a patch on
1003 not a sausage not at all
1004 not be able to do something for toffee not be fussy
1005 not but what not care a cent
1006 not cricket not for all the tea in China
1007 not give a stuff not go nap on
1008 not guilty not half
1009 not have a clue not have a prayer
1010 not have the faintest not in the same street
1011 not in the slightest not know the meaning of the word
1012 not least not much chop
1013 not nearly not necessarily
1014 not playing with a full deck not proven
1015 not put it past someone not quite
1016 not so dusty not stand the ghost of a chance
1017 not suffer fools gladly not take kindly to
1018 not the full quid not the full shilling
1019 not the only pebble on the beach not to be sneezed at
1020 not to speak of not to worry
1021 not trust someone as far as one can throw them not very
1022 not worth a red cent nothing daunted
1023 nothing of the sort nothing succeeds like success
1024 object of virtu of a lifetime
1025 of a size of a sort
1026 of all of good cheer
1027 of necessity of some size
1028 of the deepest dye of the essence
1029 off and on off limits
1030 off the boat off the bridle
1031 off the cuff off the grid
1032 off the map off the pace
1033 off the peg off the shelf
1034 official presentation oh boy
1035 oh well oil and water
1036 oil the wheels old fruit
1037 old trout on a budget
1038 on a plate on a platter
1039 on a silver platter on a sixpence
1040 on a wing and a prayer on balance
1041 on behalf of on board
1042 on cloud nine on commission
1043 on consignment on cue
1044 on demand on deposit
1045 on draft on draught
1046 on drugs on fire
1047 on horseback on ice
1048 on loan on order
1049 on paper on parade
1050 on principle on purpose
1051 on release on relief
1052 on remand in custody on security of something
1053 on shipboard on shore
1054 on song on spec
1055 on special on standby
1056 on stilts on supply
1057 on tap on target
1058 on the agenda on the alert
1059 on the auction block on the barrelhead
1060 on the bench on the bounce
1061 on the cadge on the carpet
1062 on the cheap on the couch
1063 on the crest of a wave on the cuff
1064 on the debit side on the decrease
1065 on the defensive on the dole
1066 on the downgrade on the hip
1067 on the hoof on the horizon
1068 on the increase on the inside
1069 on the job on the latch
1070 on the market on the mat
1071 on the other hand on the outside
1072 on the outside looking in on the prod
1073 on the prowl on the rails
1074 on the rebound on the road
1075 on the same page on the scent
1076 on the scrounge on the sea
1077 on the shelf on the side of the angels
1078 on the skew on the skids
1079 on the sly on the spot
1080 on the spree on the spur of the moment
1081 on the streets on the stump
1082 on the surface on the table
1083 on the telephone on the tiles
1084 on the town on the upgrade
1085 on the wane on thin ice
1086 on thorns on trial
1087 on velvet on view
1088 on welfare on which the sun never sets
1089 on wings one nation
1090 one of us one swallow does not make a summer
1091 only just open sesame
1092 open slather open up
1093 opportunity knocks or else
1094 or so or something
1095 or whatever or whenever
1096 or wherever or worse
1097 other than out front
1098 out loud out of a clear blue sky
1099 out of bounds out of commission
1100 out of context out of control
1101 out of court out of danger
1102 out of gear out of humor
1103 out of humour out of joint
1104 out of plumb out of practice
1105 out of proportion out of the box
1106 out of the handicap out of the ordinary
1107 out of the question out of the woodwork
1108 out of touch out of whack
1109 out on a limb out to lunch
1110 outboard of over against
1111 over and above over and done with
1112 over my dead body over the counter
1113 over the hill over the moon
1114 over the transom over with
1115 overshoot the mark overstep the mark
1116 owe someone a grudge owing to
1117 pack a punch pack heat
1118 pack it in packed like sardines
1119 pad something out pad up
1120 paint oneself into a corner paint the town red
1121 pair of hands palm off
1122 pan and scan pan out
1123 panic stations paper over
1124 paper over the cracks parallelogram of forces
1125 part of the furniture part with
1126 pass away pass for
1127 pass muster pass off
1128 pass out pass the parcel
1129 past it pat someone on the back
1130 patent infringement pay court to
1131 pay off pay out
1132 pay someone back in their own coin pay up
1133 peaches and cream pearls before swine
1134 peed off peel off
1135 peel out pen and ink
1136 pencil something in per pale
1137 perish the thought perk up
1138 permit me phase in
1139 phase out pick and choose
1140 pick apart pick at
1141 pick holes in pick nits
1142 pick off pick on
1143 pigmy hippopotamus pile up
1144 pin down pin on
1145 piping hot piss off
1146 planning blight play footsie
1147 play footsie with play havoc with
1148 play politics play possum
1149 play someone false play to the gallery
1150 play truant plea of tender
1151 plow back pluck up courage
1152 plug in plug into
1153 plug something in ply for hire
1154 poacher turned gamekeeper port of entry
1155 posh something up pot of gold
1156 pour cold water on pour it on
1157 pour oil on troubled waters pour scorn on
1158 power of appointment practice makes perfect
1159 practise what one preaches praise be
1160 preach down preach to the converted
1161 preach up preliminary to
1162 preparatory to press charges
1163 press something home press the flesh
1164 prevention is better than cure previous to
1165 prime the pump primrose path
1166 prince of the blood princess of the blood
1167 principal in the first degree prior to
1168 private address prop up the bar
1169 propose marriage prove out
1170 psych someone out psych something out
1171 public performance pull a fast one
1172 pull away pull back
1173 pull down pull in
1174 pull out all the stops pull up stakes
1175 pump up punch in
1176 punch out pure and simple
1177 purify something from push the boat out
1178 put a brave face on something put a crimp in
1179 put a false complexion on put a period to
1180 put a stop to put down roots
1181 put off the evil day put on the map
1182 put out to pasture put paid to
1183 put someone on the spot put someone out to pasture
1184 put someone to shame put something on the map
1185 put something out to tender put something up the spout
1186 put the acid on put the cart before the horse
1187 put the mockers on put the skids under
1188 put the squeeze on put the tin lid on
1189 put to rout put to shame
1190 put up a fight put up the shutters
1191 queen it quick on the trigger
1192 quids in quit hold of
1193 rain cats and dogs rain out
1194 raise Cain raise the devil
1195 rake and scrape rake up
1196 rant and rave ray of sunshine
1197 read out read someone like a book
1198 read up really and truly
1199 reckon with redress the balance
1200 reduce someone to the ranks reduced circumstances
1201 reel off reel something off
1202 refer to drawer reflect on
1203 regardless of rehearsal for
1204 reinvent the wheel rejoice in
1205 relative to remain to be seen
1206 rend the air renounce the world
1207 report out resort to
1208 rewrite history rewrite the record books
1209 rhyme or reason ride for a fall
1210 ride herd on ride high
1211 ride out ride roughshod over
1212 ride to hounds ring up
1213 rip into rise like a phoenix from the ashes
1214 rise to the bait rite of passage
1215 rob Peter to pay Paul rock the boat
1216 roll back roll out
1217 roll over roll up
1218 rough and ready rough around the edges
1219 rough it round on
1220 round the twist round up
1221 royal road to rub down
1222 rub in rub out
1223 rule of law rule out
1224 run a blockade run a tight ship
1225 run across run after
1226 run against run along
1227 run interference run out of gas
1228 run riot run someone ragged
1229 run the gamut run wild
1230 run with the hare and hunt with the hounds rustle something up
1231 sabbatical leave sackcloth and ashes
1232 sad to say safe in the knowledge that
1233 safety first salute the judge
1234 satisfy the examiners saw off
1235 say a mouthful say cheese
1236 scare something up scissors and paste
1237 scoot over scot and lot
1238 scrape acquaintance with scrub round
1239 scrub up second cousin
1240 second cousin once removed second of arc
1241 second to none secret address
1242 secure arms security of tenure
1243 see daylight seeing is believing
1244 seek dead seize the day
1245 sell like hot cakes sell someone a bill of goods
1246 sell someone a dummy sell someone down the river
1247 send a message send someone flying
1248 send someone packing send someone to Coventry
1249 send someone to the showers sense of proportion
1250 sentimental value separate the wheat from the chaff
1251 separation of powers serve at table
1252 serve someone right set at naught
1253 set in motion set something aside
1254 set the agenda set the stage for
1255 set up shop sew something up
1256 share and share alike sharp as a tack
1257 shift for oneself ship a sea
1258 shiver my timbers shop around
1259 short commons shout something from the rooftops
1260 shove off shove up
1261 show willing shuffle off this mortal coil
1262 sideways on sign of the cross
1263 sign of the times silence is golden
1264 simmer down sing the praises of
1265 skeleton in the cupboard slap down
1266 slap in the face slap on the back
1267 slap on the wrist slap someone on the back
1268 sleight of hand slice of life
1269 slippery slope slope arms
1270 slope off slough sth off
1271 slowly but surely smell a rat
1272 smell blood smell the roses
1273 snow someone under snow under
1274 soak something up social conventional
1275 sod all soft option
1276 soft touch some few
1277 some little someone had a good innings
1278 something fierce something nasty in the woodshed
1279 somewhat of son of a bitch
1280 son of a gun sore point
1281 sorry for oneself soup something up
1282 spanner in the works spark out
1283 sparks fly speak evil of
1284 speak the same language spend a penny
1285 spill the beans spin a yarn
1286 splendid isolation split the difference
1287 spoil for spread like wildfire
1288 spread oneself too thin spring a leak
1289 stab someone in the back stack arms
1290 stake a claim stand on ceremony
1291 stand sentinel stand sentry
1292 stand someone in good stead stark **
1293 start a hare status quo
1294 stave off steal a march on
1295 steal someone blind steer a middle course
1296 steer clear of step into the breach
1297 step on the gas sticky fingers
1298 stiff as a board still and all
1299 still small voice still waters run deep
1300 sting in the tail stir the blood
1301 stitch someone up stop at nothing
1302 straight up strain at the leash
1303 streak of lightning streets ahead
1304 stricken in years strike a balance
1305 strike a discordant note strive for
1306 struggling movie industry stuck on
1307 stuffed toys stump something up
1308 suck it and see suck it up
1309 suck someone dry sugar the pill
1310 suit the action to the word sum up
1311 supply and demand surrender to bail
1312 survival of the fittest suspend disbelief
1313 suspend payment swarm up
1314 swear like a trooper sweep someone off their feet
1315 sweep something under the carpet sweep the board
1316 sweeten the pill sweetness and light
1317 switch something off switch something on
1318 take a bath take a beating
1319 take a chair take a dim view of
1320 take a dive take a flyer
1321 take a hammering take a shine to
1322 take a woman to wife take advantage of
1323 take advice take aim
1324 take cognizance of take delivery of
1325 take exception to take fright
1326 take into consideration take issue
1327 take issue with take liberties
1328 take no prisoners take ship
1329 take silk take someone aback
1330 take someone down a peg or two take someone in rear
1331 take someone or something for granted take someone to task
1332 take someone to the cleaners take someone to the woodshed
1333 take something amiss take something kindly
1334 take something on board take something personally
1335 take something under advisement take the biscuit
1336 take the bull by the horns take the chair
1337 take the field take the fifth
1338 take the floor take the gilt off the gingerbread
1339 take the liberty take the mound
1340 take the plunge take the salute
1341 take the shine off take the starch out of someone
1342 take the veil take time by the forelock
1343 take too much for granted talk nineteen to the dozen
1344 talk shop talk turkey
1345 tank up tea and sympathy
1346 teach school teach someone a lesson
1347 tear someone limb from limb tease out
1348 tee off tee someone off
1349 tell tales tell that to the marines
1350 ten out of ten ten to one
1351 tender mercies terminate someone with extreme prejudice
1352 terms of reference testify against
1353 thank someone kindly thanks a million
1354 thanks to that is as may be
1355 the Ancient of Days the Established Church
1356 the Eternal City the Evil One
1357 the Fab Four the Supreme Being
1358 the Whore of Babylon the Windy City
1359 the Yard the acceptable face of
1360 the ancients the angel in the house
1361 the apple never falls far from the tree the ayes have it
1362 the back of an envelope the back of beyond
1363 the ball is in your court the ball of the foot
1364 the ball of the thumb the bare bones
1365 the beautiful people the beginning of the end
1366 the benefit of the doubt the betting is
1367 the big boys the big enchilada
1368 the big lie the bird has flown
1369 the birds and the bees the bloom is off the rose
1370 the body beautiful the brass ring
1371 the calm before the storm the centre of attention
1372 the chattering classes the cherry on the cake
1373 the chop the coast is clear
1374 the common good the corridors of power
1375 the course of nature the damage is done
1376 the darkest hour is just before the dawn the deep end
1377 the dirty end of the stick the dismals
1378 the distaff side the dizzy heights
1379 the dole queue the dust settles
1380 the early bird catches the worm the eleventh hour
1381 the end of the road the evil eye
1382 the exception proves the rule the eye of a needle
1383 the fat is in the fire the final straw
1384 the finished article the firing line
1385 the flower of the forbidden degrees
1386 the fortunes of war the four freedoms
1387 the fourth estate the fur will fly
1388 the game is up the garden of England
1389 the genuine article the ghost in the machine
1390 the gift of the gab the gift of tongues
1391 the gory details the great and the good
1392 the heavens open the heavy mob
1393 the international community the jig is up
1394 the jury is out the land of Nod
1395 the land of the free the law of the jungle
1396 the length and breadth of the lowest of the low
1397 the lull before the storm the mailed fist
1398 the middle of nowhere the mixture as before
1399 the next world the noes have it
1400 the object of the exercise the oldest profession
1401 the opposite sex the other side of the coin
1402 the path of least resistance the patter of tiny feet
1403 the pen is mightier than the sword the plot thickens
1404 the pot calling the kettle black the proof of the pudding is in the eating
1405 the public eye the rest is history
1406 the rocky road to the rough end of the pineapple
1407 the royal road the scheme of things
1408 the sharp end the silent majority
1409 the silent treatment the silly season
1410 the sky is the limit the sport of kings
1411 the staff of life the sterner sex
1412 the straight and narrow the sun is over the yardarm
1413 the tail wags the dog the thin blue line
1414 the thrill of the chase the time is ripe
1415 the tried and true the university of life
1416 the weak link the weaker sex
1417 the whip hand the whole enchilada
1418 the whole shooting match the witching hour
1419 the world is your oyster the yellow peril
1420 there is no knowing there is no mistaking someone or something
1421 there is no rose without a thorn thereby hangs a tale
1422 thin air thin end of the wedge
1423 think scorn of thrash out
1424 thrash something out three cheers
1425 three parts thrills and spills
1426 through and through throw away the key
1427 throw something overboard throw the baby out with the bathwater
1428 tide over tide someone over
1429 tie someone hand and foot tie to be tied
1430 till doomsday till the cows come home
1431 tired and emotional to a T
1432 to a degree to a nicety
1433 to a tee to advantage
1434 to all intents and purposes to be on the safe side
1435 to be precise to begin with
1436 to coin a phrase to crown it all
1437 to date to distraction
1438 to good purpose to no purpose
1439 to perfection to that effect
1440 to the accompaniment of to the best of my belief
1441 to the bitter end to the core
1442 to the effect that to the exclusion of
1443 to the fore to the gunwales
1444 to the letter to the manner born
1445 to the marrow to the nth degree
1446 to the purpose to the skies
1447 to windward to windward of
1448 today week together with
1449 tone down tone something down
1450 tone up too clever by half
1451 tool up torsional vibration
1452 tough it out tower of strength
1453 toy with trade places
1454 trail arms transcendental meditation
1455 trial and error trial by fire
1456 trip the light fantastic trip up on
1457 troop the colour trouble and strife
1458 troubled waters tuck something away
1459 tug of love turn on the charm
1460 turn something to advantage turn the other cheek
1461 turn the tables turn traitor
1462 turn turtle two cheers
1463 under a cloud under a spell
1464 under attack under bare poles
1465 under canvas under consideration
1466 under control under debate
1467 under lock and key under observation
1468 under protest under review
1469 under sentence of under siege
1470 under suspicion under the auspices of
1471 under the banner of under the hatches
1472 under the impression that under the influence
1473 under the microscope under the open sky
1474 under the sod under the sun
1475 under the table under the weather
1476 under way Dutch undesirable components
1477 unknown to up a stump
1478 up for grabs up in the air
1479 up the river up to speed
1480 up yours upwardly mobile
1481 vale of tears valet parking
1482 value for money variety is the spice of life
1483 vote of confidence wait and see
1484 wait for it wake up and smell the coffee
1485 walk all over walk away from
1486 walk before one can run walk off with
1487 walk on air walk out on
1488 walk the boards walk the plank
1489 walking encyclopedia waltz Matilda
1490 war clouds ward of court
1491 warn someone off warn someone off the course
1492 warts and all watch someone like a hawk
1493 watch this space wave something aside
1494 wax and wane wax lyrical
1495 weak at the knees wear the trousers
1496 weasel words weather in
1497 weigh anchor what makes someone tick
1498 what someone is driving at what the hey
1499 whatever next whether or no
1500 which is which whomp something up
1501 wig out wild and woolly
1502 will do wipe off the map
1503 wipe something off the map wish someone joy
1504 with a grain of salt with a thud
1505 with a vengeance with a view to
1506 with all guns blazing with apologies to
1507 with both barrels with flying colors
1508 with flying colours with forked tongue
1509 with intent with malice aforethought
1510 with one voice with prejudice
1511 with the exception of with the pedal to the metal
1512 with young withdrawal symptoms
1513 wither on the vine within doors
1514 within hail within limits
1515 within striking distance without a murmur
1516 without a red cent without cease
1517 without ceremony without exception
1518 without fail without limit
1519 without peer without prejudice
1520 without recourse without result
1521 woe betide wonderful news
1522 work like a charm worry something out
1523 yes and no you and yours
1524 you wait your humble servant
1525 your obedient servant yours faithfully
1526 yours sincerely yours truly
1527 zero in zone out
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    这个内容很有意义!!希望对你有帮助!! 比较好的英语学习的电影有:<成长的烦脑><走向美国>和<friend>又称<老友记>...... 把思维.文化和语言"泡& ...
  8. 英语四级:解读完形填空测试考点

    根据四级考试大纲,完型填空满分占710分的10%.其主要形式是在一篇约300词的文章中留出20个空白,要求考生从每题给出的4个选项中选出最佳答案,使补全后的文章意思通顺.前后连贯.结构完整.相比较以前,完型填空的阅读量加 ...
  9. 通关四六级:不可不知的六类听力标志词

    编者按: 09年12月份的四六级考试马上就要来临,在这最后的冲刺阶段,新浪教育频道特地为大家整理了一系列备考高招!位考生敬请期待.今天为大家带来的是听力部分的复习攻攻略. 听力常考"态度词"总结 不论 ...
  10. how to learn English? 如何学习英文?

    最近有一些朋友在网上问我如何学英文,而且心情好像还比较急迫.鉴于询问人数日增,我决定专门写一篇文章,详细讲讲如何学习英文.虽然不是英语专业的,但是由于我现在算成功"转型",还是稍稍有点发言权的. 废话 ...
  11. 书评.感受及快速参考

    一.书评:值得一年读一次 二.对46条建议的个人感受 三.快速参考列表 一.书评:值得一年读一次 在<代码大全>的"赞誉"中,有个叫John Robbins的同学认为<代码大全> ...
  12. 2010年考研英语大纲解析:知识运用分析及指导

    英语知识运用不仅考查考生对不同语境中规范的语言要素(包括词汇.表达方式和结构)的掌握程度,而且还考查考生对语段特征(如连贯性和一致性等)的辨识能力等.共20小题,每小题0.5分,共10分. 在一篇240~280词的文章中 ...
  13. 2010年考研英语大纲"心"解及备考策略

    2010年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试<英语考试大纲>已出台,与往年相比变化不大,总体来说,研究生入学英语考试的主要测评目标仍分为语言知识和语言技能,2010年的新大纲也保持了这一持续性与稳定性.下面对大纲考查 ...
  14. 2010年考研英语基础薄弱该如何备考

    很多英语四级没过的同学对于如何准备考研英语心存抵触,国家英语四级都没过,如何进行更加困难的研究生英语的复习?你们感兴趣的是英语复习,因为令你们头疼的是它,压迫得你们透不过气也是它. 首先,因为英语的内涵没有改变,只是层次 ...
  15. 英语口语学习的最有效原则

    新东方的很多学生在口语学习过程中会碰到不同的困扰,不掌握一定的科学方法很难突破.正如新东方校训所言:"Hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope(从绝望 ...
  16. 游戏设计课程之游戏艺术性之争(6)

    现在,让我们将注意力转到"游戏能否变成艺术?"这个话题中来.也许在一些较为严肃的设计原则中,这看起来就像是一个不相干的参杂体.而且这也是这么多年以来我们一直喋喋不休的话题,所以为何我们还要浪费时间去翻 ...
  17. javascript prototype的深度探索不是原型继承那么简单第1/3页

    JavaScript中对象的prototype属性,可以返回对象类型原型的引用.这是一个相当拗口的解释,要理解它,先要正确理解对象类型(Type)以及原型(prototype)的概念. 1 什么是prototype Ja ...
  18. 分析电子游戏翻译人员所应注意的事项

    我们Language Automation, Inc.重视电子游戏的本土化与翻译内容,确保我们公司所有的翻译人员都有过电子游戏行业工作的经历.为何这项元素十分重要? 你是否曾经试图向你的父母.祖父母或者不是玩家的人群解释 ...
  19. Google翻译,梦想与现实的距离有多远

    在信息纷繁如大洋般浩浩的互联网时代,操持各自语言的人们汇聚网络,言之纷纷,书之不息,各类信息无时不发,无处不在--不论是经典著述.长篇大论,抑或巧思短文.灵感的火花--似乎,互联网承载和传播了这个星球上人类的所有智慧.然 ...