python time operation

We use the following form to get the current time stamp:
import time
print time.time()

The output is:
The result is 1970 to the present time, the number of seconds apart
time.time () returns a float, so if need to add or subtract time, then, is a simple floating-point

Example, you can one day be reduced

Other hours, minutes, the addition and subtraction are the same

But this is a series of numbers is not the result we want, we can use time formatting module hours to deal with:
time.localtime (time.time ())

With time.localtime () method, is to format the timestamp to local time.
The output is:
time.struct_time (tm_year = 2010, tm_mon = 7, tm_mday = 19, tm_hour = 22, tm_min = 33, tm_sec = 39, tm_wday = 0, tm_yday = 200, tm_isdst = 0)

Now looks more promising formats into a time we want.

Finally, time.strftime () method, the long list of information formatted just what we want, and now the results are:

time.strftime there are many parameters that can give you more free stuff you want the output:
The following is time.strftime parameters:
strftime (format [, tuple]) -> string
The specified struct_time (default is current time), according to the specified format string output
python in the time and date formatting symbols:

% Y year, said double-digit (00-99)
% Y four-digit year representation (000-9999)
% M month (01-12)
% D The day of the month (0-31)
% H 24-hour number of hours (0-23)
% I 12-hour clock hours (01-12)
% M minutes (00 = 59)
% S seconds (00-59)

% A week the name of the local streamline
% A full week of local name
% B month name of the local streamline
% B full month names of local
% C corresponding local date and time indicated that
% J day of year (001-366)
% P AM or PM equivalent of local character
% U week number of year (00-53) for the week beginning Sunday
% W week (0-6), Sunday is the start of week
% W week number of year (00-53) for the week beginning Monday
% X local date that the corresponding
% X local time that the corresponding
% Z time zone name of the current
%%% Number itself
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