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Pyronaridine listing! Ruby programming language

[Original title] The Ruby Programming Language
Publishing ] [ O'Reilly Media, Inc.
[Author] (United States) David Flanagan; Yukihiro Matsumoto
Translator [] LIAO Zhi-gang; Zhang Wo
[Name] Books O'Reilly Publishing House of Electronics Industry Series
] [Press Publishing House of Electronics Industry] [ISBN 9787121077012
[Publication Date January 2009] [Size] 16 open page] [431] [Revision 1 -1

Translated sequence

Ruby on Rails after the breakthrough role, has gradually become a mainstream scripting language the most important one. Today, Ruby has been in a variety of platforms to fruition except established CRuby, JRuby, IronRuby and XRuby also flourish, and all kinds of IDE support for Ruby has become more sophisticated. Today, Ruby, is no longer the unknown Juvenile Green , and has become the programming language of the upstart.

Ruby areas are increasingly sold books, various aspects of Ruby and Rails books have sprung up. You do not wake up a little dust-laden memories, we can think of goes the famous picture, two of the picks Ruby and Rails book A large stack with the control of Java to display the book together . Picture is aimed at Ruby's easy to learn and use that simply do not like to study Java, like eighteen-like martial arts master. Today, this conclusion is still correct. However, as Ruby's increasingly popular, there is growing hope that from all angles to find out for Ruby.

Style of the book with the C language classic "The C Programming Language" is similar to the similarity of the title since Needless to say, the author is also the same with a well-known technical writer and founder of the combination of languages. Such a mix is to ensure the readability of this book, they will guarantee that the breadth and depth of book. The book in general compared to Ruby language books, in addition to introduce how to use the Ruby language, but also a lot of places about the Ruby implementation of the principle and the internal operation mechanism, which of course can not be separated from the author's background. After reading this book, you will know- The reason why also know the feeling , but also appreciate the beauty of Ruby language.

In front of five chapters of this book by Zhang Wo Translation, followed by five chapters Translation LIAO Zhi-gang, and finally issued by the EC LIAO Zhi-gang. Bowen would particularly like to thank Chen Yuan, the jade and Xiao-fei Edit , they give us the entire process has been a spur and encouragement, but also give U.S. Translations made a lot of valuable advice, they are hard work that makes this book shows you see eventually face.

Well, say these. Please enjoy this dazzling ruby bar.

LIAO Zhi-gang

September 2008 in Xi'an

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