Synthetic fiber knitted pre-treatment

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Comparison of clean synthetic fibers, natural fibers contained fewer impurities than the more necessary this without pre-treatment, but the fiber manufacturing process, the surface of the imposition of oil, the weaving process may be coated with oil, sometimes Xu Yong pigment marks, so synthetic still a degree of scouring and bleaching pretreatment. Synthetic fiber knitted moderate pre-treatment methods commonly used, the specific process conditions subject to the contamination of the fabric and fiber on the performance of the situation. Comparison of white synthetic fiber itself, in addition to some colorful special white or light-colored varieties, in general, do not bleach. Synthetic fibers such as the use of conventional bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide bleaching can not be good bleaching effect. Sodium chlorite has a good bleaching effect, but limited to the equipment and have serious environmental pollution, very few applications. In most cases, on the special white fluorescent whitening agent whitening products require processing.
Synthetic fiber knitted Another important objective of refining is to remove the internal stress fiber or fabric, from the relaxation effect.
1. Pre-treatment of polyester knitted polyester knitted purpose of pre-treatment process is applied to remove the spinning oil and antistatic agents, to eliminate internal stress the fabric so the fabric relaxation shrinkage. Any setting of the fabric before dyeing, are needed before the treatment, so as to avoid when setting oil impurities caused by fixing the fiber dyeing Defects. Polyester knitted fabric pre-treatment include scouring and relaxation treatment. Pure polyester knitted polyester itself is a result of white, no bleach, even the special white varieties, but also can be achieved as long as fluorescent whitening whiteness requirements.
(1) concise. Polyester knitted fabric to use more non-ionic detergent in a more refined under mild conditions. A small amount of contamination serious soda (sodium hydroxide generally do not prevent damage fibers), to promote emulsification and remove dirt, but must be fully cleaned after scouring residual alkali, so as not to affect the staining.
Polyester knitted refining process example:
Detergent 0.5% 1 1.0% (O.w.f.)
Soda 0-0.5% (O.w.f.)
Bath ratio 1:20-1:30
Temperature of 80-90 ℃
Time 40 min
Polyester knitted fabric using a variety of general scouring rope dyeing machine, processing should be to minimize the longitudinal tension of the fabric, so as not to cause excessive contraction of the fabric width setting when the expansion rate difficult.
(2) relaxation. Relaxation is a unique polyester knitted fabric processing, and its essence is in the relaxed state and the proper temperature to bulk polyester knitted retraction, eliminate internal stress of the fabric. Relaxation treatment can not only improve the dimensional stability of knitted polyester, elasticity, fluffy and soft, reduce the curling phenomenon, and can reduce wrinkles and dye staining in spots, but also to facilitate the conduct of fluff and sanding process, so polyester knitted in general should be relaxed before dyeing processing.
Relaxation treatment is based on water as a relaxation of media and plasticizers. Adding an appropriate amount in water efficient low-foam detergents, scouring and relaxing treatment can be carried out with the bath, to shorten and simplify pre-treatment process. But sometimes with the bath relaxation process caused by extruded fiber crimp, so that impurities trapped in the fiber gap easily washed. Process by which, as the case may be.
[email protected]### Page ###@=================loose knitted polyester handling rope peaceful site in two ways. Deal with the general slack rope in rope dyeing machine dyeing machine can only be made for a difficult to form wrinkles, treatment is better. Width width can be used relaxation treatment relaxation relaxation width scouring machine or washing machine.
Synthetic fiber knitted pre-treatment

Figure 4-9 for the relaxation width scouring machine structure diagram, the aircraft can be used for polyester knitted concise and relaxation treatment. Fabric is first impregnated into the pre-wet tank scouring near boiling of liquid, and then the washing machine to a single oscillation oil impurities, then refined into the relaxed groove. Relaxation training in the tank, completely relaxed state of the fabric and withstand high temperature scouring the strong liquid spray, get a good relaxation scouring treatment. After the relaxation the fabric slot, first Jingxi tank leaching, and then enter the double oscillation efficient washing machine washing, and dehydration drop cloth. Machine speed 10-60m/min, relaxation degree of scouring tank transmission speeds 4-20m/min.
Synthetic fiber knitted pre-treatment

Figure 4-10 for the relaxation width washing machine structure diagram. Fiber drum machine used for both knitwear relaxation treatment can also be used for cylindrical knitted cotton scouring, bleaching, mercerization, soft and other pre-treatment. Fabric by the device into the cloth into the groove upper spray room, indoor two rows of spray jet pipe working fluid on both sides of the fabric. Then the fabric loosely stacked in the track (stainless steel wire), in the upper and lower clamping two tracks run under the forward. As the caterpillar's feeding rate of speed less than the fabric, which showed a layer of fabric stacked waveforms. Relaxation tank with air injection tube, whose role is to stir the liquid and make the fabric vibration, improve the treatment efficiency. Some are also working fluid circulation device used instead of air injection tube, that is on track with a circulation pump on the jet large flow scouring fabric circulating fluid, so that full retraction of the fabric. Relaxation tanks rolling into the fabric point of departure before the cylinder by blowing device to obtain uniform fabric stretched in all directions, preventing creases.
2. Acrylic knitted acrylic knitted fabric pre-treatment are mostly short fibers, the former dealing mainly refined to remove oil from the fiber, and other impurities. The alkali resistance of acrylic poor, under alkaline conditions at high temperature fibers swelling, yellow. Acrylic knitted fabric can be used anionic scouring agent is not refined, so as to avoid contamination, affect the staining. Acrylic knitted refined using non-ionic detergents, scouring process example:
Non-ionic detergent 1-3g / L, bath ratio 1:10-30, temperature 60-65 ℃, time 20-40min.
Acrylic knitted rarely bleaching, but the fluorescent whitening agent whitening available.
3. Nylon knitted fabric knitted fabric pre-treatment for nylon filament and nylon main stretch nylon yarn.
Nylon knitted the same relatively simple pre-treatment, mainly scouring and bleaching.
Synthetic detergent commonly used in refining, processing prescriptions and conditions generally as follows: synthetic detergent 1-3g / L, sodium carbonate 1-2g / L, or trisodium phosphate 0.5 1 lg / L ,60-80 ℃ dealt with under 20-30min, liquor ratio 1:10 for a 1:20.
Beautifully soft knitted nylon scouring so hard nylon adsorption of metal ions in water, and yellow. Impurity less elastic nylon knitted fabric is generally simple and can be washed, use detergent on the stain more washing, appropriate treatment temperature at 60 ℃, the temperature is too high may affect fiber flexibility.
Nylon knitted fabric itself is more white, especially white varieties, except in general do not bleach. Nylon intolerance hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach can be used not bleach. Bleaching special white varieties are currently used more as the bleaching agent, sodium hydrosulfite reduction of bleaching, often carried out with the bleaching bath. Recipe and conditions The following are examples (o.w.f.):
[email protected]### Page ###@=================hydrosulfite (85% ) 4% 1% fluorescent brightener, leveling agent O1%. 50 ℃ were bath, gradually warming up to 95-97 ℃, thermal insulation, 20-40min. Bath ratio of 1:20-1:30.
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