ORACLE basic structure of the analysis and entry-learning methods

Oracle's system is too large, for beginners, there are some know how to feel, what want to learn what the results are not adopted, so the learning experience to share about the hope that people just started an oracle general understanding, less take some detours.

First, the positioning

oracle divided into two blocks, one is to develop, one is management. Developed mainly write stored procedures, triggers something, there is to do with the Oracle Develop tools to form. Somewhat similar to the programmer, need to have strong logical thinking and creativity, personal feel that would be more difficult, is the young rice; management is needed for the oracle database have a deep understanding of the principles, there is the ability to manipulate and tight global thinking, greater responsibility, because a small mistake will be down off the entire database, is relatively the former, the latter is more valued experience.

Because the database management responsibility, few companies are willing to hire a person just to manage exposure to oracle database. For young people who just graduated, you can choose to do development, have some experience of transformation, to do database management. Of course, this will depend on the person's actual circumstances.

Second, learning

My approach is simple: reading, thinking, writing notes, doing experiments, and then think, write notes

After reading the theory of things, their stop and think about it, ask yourself a few why, then think what they have learned and the knowledge to be a point of note; not understand or have questions at the time, on doing the experiment, think about how could this be the same, the results of the experiment down. Thinking and doing experiments to in-depth understanding of this knowledge. The process of taking notes, but also clarify their own thinking process.

Learning process is to make a problem from the vague to the clear, and then from clear to fuzzy process. And every time represents a change but you learn a new knowledge point.

The process of learning also from point to a line from the line to network, from network to the surface in the process. When the point into the line, you will suddenly see the light of the overall feeling. When the network to the surface when you are a master

Many users, especially beginners who encounter problems on a forum to get up to ask the question before, you have not checked the book, they have not studied, there is no search for the forum? This is called lazy thinking. By someone else to answer your question, and you will understand in a short time this knowledge is not hard at points, but through their own efforts to study it, not only will a deeper understanding of this knowledge, more importantly, the study process will improve your problem solving and analytical problems. In general, there is no study of the learning attitude, no matter what school are not successful.

Of course, the beginner is that people often encounter problems, unable to start, do not know where to find information, will be the forum to ask questions. But I think when the question is not asked how others can analyze the problem? Where can I find information? Rather than the answer to this question is what? Give a man a fish, rather teach people to fish.

Here I talk about my deal with the problem of the process under

First, the official website to know the oracle: **oracle** There are various versions of oracle database, application tools and authority of official documents. Secondly, we know ****/ here is to buy a service or oracle oracle partner can go in, there are many authoritative solutions and patches. And that some well-known websites:** **orafaq**, **dbazine**. There are many voice of experience.

Encountered a problem. If the problem is conceptual, the first time can find**, this will give you the most detailed explanation. If the process of running out what went wrong. Can go to metalink to see. If you want to know the voice of experience handling matters. Can go asktom. Of course. Here is a relative term.

Three, oracle system

oracle system is very large, to learn it, we must first understand the oracle framework. Here, a brief talk about the oracle architecture that allows beginners to have a general understanding of oracle.

1, the physical structure (the control files, data files, redo log files, parameter files, archived files, password files)

Control file: to maintain and verify database integrity contains the necessary information, for example, the control file is used to identify the data files and redo log files, a database requires at least one control file

Data files: data files stored

Redo log files: changes to the database containing records of this case failure can enable data recovery. A database requires at least two redo log files

Parameter file: Defines the characteristics of the Oracle instance, for example, it contains some of the memory structure to adjust the size of the SGA parameters

Archive: the offline redo log files is a copy, these copies may be to recover from media failure is necessary.

Password file: Certification which users have permission to start and shut down the Oracle instance

2, the logical structure (tablespaces, segments, district, block)

Table space: a database of the basic logical structure, a series of data files collection.

Segments: the object in the database space occupied

Area: one reserved for a large data storage space

Block: ORACLE basic storage unit, the time specified in the establishment of a database

3, memory allocation (SGA and PGA)

SGA: is used to store database information memory area, the information sharing process for the database. It contains the Oracle server's data and control information, which is in the Oracle server resides in the computer's memory to the actual distribution, if the actual memory is not enough virtual memory go down to write.

PGA: contains a single server process or a single background process data and control information, and contrary to several PGA SGA shared process is a process used only by the area, PGA allocated in the creating process terminates when the recovery process

4, the background process (data write process, the log writer process, system monitoring, process monitoring, checkpoint process, the archiving process, services, processes, user process)

Data write process: responsible for the changed data from the database buffer cache to write data files

Log write process: the change in the redo log buffer to write the online redo log files

System Monitoring: Check the consistency of the database if necessary, open the database will start to restore the database

Process Monitoring: Oracle process responsible for a failure to clean up resources

Checkpoint process: whenever the buffer cache responsible for changes in the permanent records in the database, the update control files and data files in the database state information.

Archiving process: at each log switch to log group is full backup or archiving

Service process: the user process service.

User process: the client is responsible for the user's SQL statement passed to the service process and query data from the server back.

5, oracle routine: Oracle SGA memory structures and routines used by the management of the database background processes. Routine can only open and use a database.

6, SCN (System Change Number): system change number, a serial number within the system maintenance. When the system needs to be updated automatically increase, he is the system in order to maintain data consistency and an important indicator of recovery.

Fourth, in-depth study

Management: OCP certification exam for oracle first, a system of learning, then see Oracle Concepts, oracle online document, the principles of the oracle would be more in-depth understanding of, and can start to do some research topics such as: RMAN, RAS, STATSPACT, DATAGUARD, TUNING, BACKUP & RECOVER, and so on.

Development: For want Oracle development, Oracle end to understand the basic architecture, you can focus on the PL / SQL and Oracle development tools in this section. PL / SQL will mainly include how to write SQL statements, how to use Oracle's own functions, how to write stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and so on. Oracle's development tools is mainly Oracle's own Developer Suite (Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer them), learn how to skillfully use these tools.

Introduction entry of several books oracle

oracle official document: "concept" of the system mentioned above and the concept of an oracle, it is suitable for beginner.

OCP's teaching books, that is, STUDY GUIDE (SG).

Oracle8i Backup and Recovery Guide

Oracle8 senior management and optimization

Oracle8i PLSQL programming

Oracle8 Database Administrator's Guide

These books are the Machinery Industry Publishing House.

Are a few sites

**** oracle official document

****/ oracle's support site. Need to purchase Oracle services in order to have an account in order to landing, a large number of Knowledge Base, a large number of problem-solving experience.

****oracle** oracle's official website, where you can down oracle software, official documents and get the latest news

****dbazine**/ Oracle magazine






Oracle is a long and difficult learning process. If you are not interested, but forced to learn, then it is difficult to learn the. Learning to a certain extent, in order to further improve, they will have contact with a lot of things outside of Oracle, such as Unix, such as network and storage. Therefore, to really determined to learn Oracle, you must be interested. With interest, it will all become simple and happy.

Brief summary, that is: interest, learning and practice.

How to get started is the most difficult thing for many beginners. Too much involved in Oracle: SQL, management, optimization, backup and recovery ... ... So where to start to learn it? If you studied in college, database theory, database, or have some basic natural good; if not, really is a big problem. I personally believe it should learn the SQL statement. Good teaching is the Oracle OCP certification "SQL and PL / SQL". Learn SQL, when possible, stick with Oracle's own tools: SQLPLUS.

With some of the SQL-based, it has as much as possible about Oracle's architecture, which involves the contents of the Oracle management. I learn, Machinery Industry Press, "Oracle9i DBA Handbook," this book helped me getting bigger. Perhaps now the 11g version of the bar. Oracle's "Oracle Concepts" is a great book, very good understanding of Oracle architecture. Each has a corresponding version of the Oracle version, you can read more carefully several times, each time a new harvest.

Almost all the company's products are now using Oracle, and when we do maintenance, backup and recovery is had access to the content. Less data, such as more than 20,30 G, you can also consider using exp / imp to backup and restore, but the amount of data, and this method is not suitable for the. So learning Oracle backup and recovery technology is also an inevitable thing. The case of a large amount of data, Oracle recommends using RMAN for data backup and recovery. Currently on the market there are many database backup and recovery software, in fact, a lot of the background is called RMAN. Tsinghua University Press published "Oracle 9i RMAN backup and recovery technology" is a very good introduction to RMAN book.

With the above basis, can be said to have a beginning, the problems encountered in some of the primary Oracle will not do anything. However, our study is still a long way still. Our customers often complain about the database may run slow. At this time, if there is a certain degree of optimization knowledge, it is easier to handle. Sometimes you'll see a few hours before optimization need to run the job, perhaps a few seconds after the optimization can be done! Oracle9i performance of diagnostic kits statspack, Oracle10g/11g work in line with the automatic tuning Repository AWR is a good helper . Machinery Industry Publishing House "Oracle9i STATSPACK performance adjustment" is to learn from statspack a good book.

In database architecture, programming optimization, there is a great book, which is the world's top Oracle experts, Thomas Kyte write "Oracle9i & 10g art of programming" (in English called "Expert Oracle Database Architecture"). Tom previously wrote a book called "Expert One-on-One Oracle" book, but also very classic. These two books by many learners as Oracle Collection, if you want to study in depth, then Oracle is strongly recommended that a careful reading.

Mastered the above, or basic grasp of the above, then you are also in the eyes of many a master of the Oracle, solve the problem of product in the database should not be a problem. However, there are many senior Oracle content can further study. Here are some of interest to colleagues for reference purposes only.

1. Advanced copy technology

2. Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

3. Data Guard

4. Oracle Stream

5 Data Warehouse

6. Proc, OCI Programming

These premium content listed above, reference is mainly Oracle's electronic documents. Tell the truth, the above listed data warehouse, Proc, OCI programming, I do not know.

Oracle in the learning process, full use of network resources can play a multiplier role.

In short, Oracle biggest problem is complex, complex is Oracle's largest charm. Let us work together to control the Oracle it!
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