Panxi Online - Panxi area network new media!

Panxi Online - Panxi area network new media!

Site targeting: Panxi area local portal Panxi Description:
Panxi area (PanxiDiqu), is "Panzhihua," "Xichang" two names together;

Panxi area is located in southwestern Sichuan, Panzhihua, Xichang, Mianning, Dechang, Miyi such peace in the Great Rift Valley Panxi River Plain, including administrative and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Panzhihua City, a total of 20 counties and cities. South from the Panzhihua, Xichang City, north to Mianning, runs 340 kilometers, an area of ​​63,600 square kilometers, population 4,515,500;

Panzhihua-Xichang in southwest China region is a large iron and steel, vanadium and titanium smelting base and water base, Sichuan sucrose base.
Major cities: Panzhihua, Xichang, Huili, Miyi, Dechang and so on.

Website Description:
Panxi online, the site on-line at May 22, 2011, the site is directly under the Sichuan Science and Technology Network's happy, mainly want this platform - information sharing, service people, to create a new platform Panxi area network.

Site sections:
Living in areas around the actual needs, set up a special website "News", "consultation" "rebellion," "Travel" "real estate" "Marriage," "work," "Family," "pet", "decoration" and other related channels, in response to the Internet open form, the full implementation of the current site open registration, what information you need to release, can be directly released. Facilitate the use of the platform, their fear-related information, related products, push out through this platform, so that more friends can understand the information. To an information sharing service all purposes.

Network search rankings:
Panxi online, the site just on the line soon, have been the major search sites are included, and both came in the first page, so you can easily search through the site, quick query to our site.

Platform to:
We can use our "Panxi online", to disseminate information, raise awareness and expand the brand's influence and expand the industry's competitive advantage, improve sales.

In this era of high-speed Internet, network communication has arrived, brand awareness is accelerating the conduct of the hope that through our Panxi online, allows you to increase the dissemination of information to a new level.

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