lighttpd 1.4.26 - Chinese dragon release

ighttpd (pronounced lighty) is a set of open source web server to BSD license release. Compared with other web server, lighttpd only a small amount of memory and CPU resources can achieve the same performance.
# To provide load balancing FastCGI and SCGI
# Support for chroot
# Support for select () / poll () and more efficient kqueue / epoll support the connection status of conditions to judge # rewrite (Conditional rewrites)
# Support for SSL connections
# Authentication via LDAP server
# Rrdtool state output
# Rule-based downloading
# Server-side includes support
# Virtual hosting
# Modules support
# Cache Meta Language
# Minimal WebDAV support
# Servlet (AJP) support (1.5.x edition)
Download: **download.lighttpd**/lighttpd/releases-1.4.x/lighttpd-1.4.26.tar.bz2
More: **download.lighttpd**/lighttpd/releases-1.4.x/
Changes from 1.4.25
Fix request parser to handle packets with splitted rnrn (fixes # 2105)
Remove dependency on automake> = 1.11 with m4_ifdef check
mod_accesslog: support% e (fixes # 2113, thx presbrey)
Fix mod_cgi cgi.execute-x-only option in global block
mod_fastcgi: x-sendfile2 parse error debugging
Fix mod_proxy dead host detection if connect () fails
Fix fd leaks in mod_cgi (fds not closed on pipe / fork failures, found by Rodrigo, fixes # 2158, # 2159)
Fix segfault with broken rewrite / redirect patterns (fixes # 2140, found by crypt)
Append to previous buffer in con read, fix DoS / OOM vulnerability (fixes # 2147, found by liming, CVE-2010-0295)
Fix HUP detection in close-state if event-backend doesn't support FDEVENT_HUP (like select or poll on FreeBSD)

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标签: open source web, server side, load balancing, tar bz2, fastcgi, cpu resources, meta language, leaks, crypt, m4, automake, source web server, cache meta, pipe fork, chinese dragon, kqueue, ssl connections, segfault, oom, cve
分类: OS
时间: 2010-02-09


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