Network printer settings

1. Configure the printer host, we need to configure the printer in the host. Let us say a computer directly connected to the printer as "host", and LAN host of other needs and shared print computer called the "client."
Step One: Connect the printer to the host, turn on the printer, the host of the "Control Panel" into the "Printers and Faxes" folder, right-click in the blank space, select "Add Printer" command, open the Add Printer Wizard window (Figure 1). Select "Local printer attached to this computer" and check "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer" check box.

Figure 1
Step Two: At this point the host will detect a new printer soon will find a good printer is connected, you are prompted with the printer driver CD into your optical drive, install the printer driver, the " Printers and Faxes "folder will appear in the printer's icon.
The third step: install the printer icon in the new Right-click and select "Share" command, open the printer's Properties dialog box, switch to "Sharing" tab, select "Share this printer" and the "shared Name "input box enter the name of the need to share, such as CompaqIJ, click" OK "button to complete the share settings.
Tip: If you want LAN Nei other versions of the operating system no longer need to share Zhuji printer effortlessly De Find drivers, we can host pre-select the operating system these correspond to different versions of drivers installed, simply click the "Other Driver "button, select the appropriate operating system version, click" OK "immediately after the installation (Figure 2).

Figure 2
2. Configuration Protocol to enable printer sharing can be smooth, we must host and client are installed on the "File and printer sharing agreement."
Right-click the desktop "My Network Places" and select "Properties" command into the "Connection" folder in the "Local Area Connection" icon, right click and select "Properties" command, if the "General" tab "This connection uses the following items" list not found "Microsoft's File and Printer Sharing", you need to click "Install" button in the dialog box that pops up, select "Services", then click "Add" in the "Select Services "window, select" File and Printer Sharing "and finally click" OK "button to complete (Figure 3).

Figure 3
3. Client installation and configuration is now host of work have been completed, the following would need to share the printer on the client machine is configured. We assume that the client is XP operating system. In the shared printer on each computer you want to use must install the print driver.
The first step: Click "Start → Settings → Printers and Faxes" Start "Add Printer Wizard", select "Printers" option.
Step Two: In the "Specify the printer" page offers several ways to add printers. If you do not know the specific path of the printer, you can choose "View the printer" option to find the same local area network within the Working Group shared printers, the printer is already installed computer, and then select the printer and click "OK" button; If I had known printer path, you can use to access the resources "universal naming convention" (UNC) format, enter the path to the shared printer, for example, "\ \ james \ compaqIJ" (james is the host user name), and finally click "Next."
Step Three: At this time the system will make you re-enter the printer name, lose out, click "Next" button, then click "Finish" button, if the host set to share the password, here asked for a password. Finally, we can see that the client's "Printers and Faxes" folder has appeared to share the printer icon, here we have the printer already installed.
4. To just stop here, if the printer is more secure, then the LAN of illegal users may also take the opportunity to use the shared printer, resulting in printing costs of "climbing." In order to prevent unauthorized users free to share the printer, we need to account by setting printer permissions to restrict the use of objects. By installing the printer on the host to set security attributes, specify that only legitimate account to use the shared printer.
The first step: the host of the "Printers and Faxes" folder, right-click one of the shared printer icon from the context menu select "Properties" option, then open the shared printer property box, switch " Security "tab.
Step two: Open the Options settings in the following pages, the "name" list, Department of "everyone" is selected, and the corresponding "permission" list office "Print" selection to "reject", so that any user can not be free to access the shared printer.
Step Three: Then click "Add" button, you can use the shared printer's legitimate account into "Name" list, then select the import of legitimate account, and select the corresponding print permissions to "allow" or be.
Repeat the third step can be other legitimate need to use shared printers into account all come in, and in turn their print permissions set to "allow", and finally click "OK" button.
Tip: If you can not find the "Security" tab, the folder can be on the menu bar and select "Tools → Folder Options → View," Cancel "Use simple file sharing" can be.
Suitability for efficient sharing of printing environments: an enterprise-class users who, can use high-efficient manner, using print server, printer Buzai need to install one computer On , Ershi can directly connect to the LAN on the other even to the Internet Zhong shared by users. At this point, the printer had no longer the PC's peripherals, but as an independent node to achieve high-speed printed output.
Server, print server can be seen as a means to have a fixed address, and provide services for the user node, which is the sharing of resources an important part. Usually divided into built-in print server and the external two. Built-in print server shape similar to the card, is small, the characteristics of small space, no external power supply. Drawback is easy to install as an external print server, and once the breakdown of where the print server, print job will stop. External print server with easy installation features, do not take up system resources, easy to manage. Costs are usually higher than the built-in print server.
1. Print server print server installation and set up common printers installed in a certain distinction, we briefly explain below.
The first step: the hardware connection. If it is an external print server, the network cable plugged into the appropriate print server interface, with a parallel printer cable to the parallel port print server to connect the printer's parallel port (if the printer is a USB interface, you need to connect USB interface ), then connect the print server's power. If it is built-in print server, the connection is even more convenient, simply remove the printer internal print server installed tailgate, the built-in print server inserted to screw down the screw, then connect the print server and can be .
Step Two: Select the communication protocol and set the IP address. As a product, whether external or built-in print server should select the appropriate communication protocols to support. Currently, most operating systems support TCP / IP protocol, so the choice of the general selection protocol TCP / IP protocol to communicate with. Print server's IP address setting is carried out in a management, different brands have different management, the purchase will print server comes with. Print server management through web form can generally be carried out, the specific manner requested to carry out under the appropriate instructions.
Tip: print server LAN IP address must be prepared to share the computer's IP address in the same segment. If not in the same network segment, need to make changes in management.
The third step: install the printer on the server. At this point, print server has been successfully installed on the last, but to print must also select a local area network in a particular computer installation, for setting up their shared property. In the company's LAN, it is best to choose a server to install. In this way, the printer's settings to have been completed.
Step Four: Sharing the printer. Now, we can a computer in the LAN through the normal way to install the printer installed. If the normal communication, we can find the shared printer list corresponding to the shared printer name, and then installation.
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