Linux Directory Configuration Overview

FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) standard defines three directories
1 /: boot the system with the
2. / Usr: with software installation / implementation of relevant
3. / Var: operation of the system

Root (/) where the tank should be as small as possible split, and the application software installed and is best not to split the root directory in the same tank, keep the root as possible. This not only better performance, the root directory where the file system is also less prone to problems.
Root (/), the content:
/ Bin: put a lot of the implementation of the system files, but / bin rather special. Because / bin is placed in a single maintenance mode can also be operating instructions.
/ Boot: This directory is used primarily in place to open the opportunity to file, including the Linux kernel file and boot menu and boot the necessary configuration files.
/ Dev: device is any device and interface to file the form in the directory which the.
/ Etc: the system almost all the main configuration file placed in this directory, such as personnel, account password file, initiate a variety of services documents.
/ Home: home folder
/ Lib: Power will use the library, as well as in / bin or / sbin following command calls the library
/ Media: removable devices, including CD-ROM, / media / cdrom
/ Mnt: mount some additional equipment being
/ Opt: the directory to place third-party software, such as the KDE graphical interface
/ Root: the system administrator's home folder
/ Sbin: boot, repair, restore system commands needed to
/ Srv: network service is activated, the service needs of the data directory, such as the www pages of data in / srv / www /
/ Tmp: temporary files place to place

Boot process, only root will be mounted the other partitions are mounted in the boot ongoing.
Five with the root directory must not be separated on different partitions: / etc / bin / dev / lib / sbin

/ Usr content
usr: UNIX Software Resource, UNIX operating system software resources, similar to the Windows [C: \ Windows \ + C: \ Program files \] a synthesis of these two directories.
/ Usr / bin: Users can use commands on here, and / bin difference (whether the power-related)
/ Usr / include: C / C + + header files
/ Usr / lib: Library of application software, the target file
/ Usr / local: install their own software
/ Usr / sbin: Non-system required for normal operation of the system command
/ Usr / share: share files
/ Usr / src: source generally placed where the kernel source to put the proposal / usr / src / linux /

/ Var content if / usr is to install a larger hard disk capacity will take up the directory, / var is in operation the system will gradually take up hard disk capacity of the directory.
/ Var / ** running the application itself will produce some temporary files
/ Var / lib: program needs to use the directory to place the data files
/ Var / lock: some devices can only be one person, so some facilities need to lock
/ Var / log: Log files are placed Directory
/ Var / mail: personal e-mail directory
/ Var / run: some program or service is activated, the PID will they be placed in this directory
/ Var / spool: put some of the queue data

For details, see **linux.vbird**/
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