centos mysql installation

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1, to chinaunix download mysql

Download: **download.chinaunix**/download/0008000/7159.shtml

2, upload to CentOS server

In this case on / home/jiangfeng3 in

3, create a mysql group and user

[Root @ localhost ~] # groupadd mysql

[Root @ localhost ~] # useradd-g mysql mysql

4, edit the file permissions

[Root @ localhost ~] # chmod 755 mysql-5.0.75.tar.gz

5, CentOS mysql compile and install


[Root @ localhost ~] # tar zxvf mysql-5.0.75.tar.gz

Access to the mysql installation package

[Root @ localhost ~] # cd mysql-5.0.75

Configuration parameters

[Root @ localhost ~] #. / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / mysql - with-extra-charsets = all - with-unix-socket-path = / usr / local / mysql / var / mysql. sock - with-named-curses-libs = / usr/lib/


[Root @ localhost ~] # make


[Root @ localhost ~] # make install

6, the preparation of CentOS mysql install only the first step, we would also like CentOS mysql prepared accordingly

Under normal circumstances CentOS mysql configuration file to find my.cnf, location in the / etc directory, so we have to file my.cnf file in / etc / directory.

Let CentOS mysql server started to find it. We installed CentOS mysql, the configuration file should be in / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql directory, there are several configuration files, such as my-huge.cnf my-medium.cnf my-large.cnf my-small. cnf, different traffic website and preparation of different server environments, of course, require a different configuration file.

Under normal circumstances, my-medium.cnf this configuration file will be able to meet most of our needs;

Into the / usr / local / mysql this directory,

Look is not already installed it? ?
[Root @ localhost ~] # cd / usr / local / mysql /
[Root @ localhost ~] # ls
bin include info lib libexec man mysql-test share sql-bench

We put / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql this directory my-medium.cnf, copy the my.cnf to the / etc directory.

[Root @ localhost ~] # cp / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql / my-medium.cnf / etc / my.cnf

After doing this work, have to create a CentOS mysql authorization form, or the database is not start. mysql_install_db, use this command is to do this.

CentOS mysql installation commands are installed in / usr / local / mysql / bin this directory.

[Root @ localhost mysql] # / usr / local / mysql / bin / mysql_install_db

After running the mysql_install_db command, we see / usr / local / mysql will find that there is a var directory.

This directory is used to hold the location of all databases, for example, we created a database linuxsir after

In the / / usr / local / mysql / mysql / var directory has linuxsir directory. This time should get the point.

7, start CentOS mysql server, and perhaps this is the easiest, but can not get too excited, because sometimes in the wrong permissions.

CentOS mysql server starts, it should be / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql directory mysql.server

Start method:
[Root @ localhost mysql] # / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql.server start

If you can not start, run / usr / local / mysql / bin / mysqld_safe - user = root will be able to start it! !

Then enter / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql / mysql.server start to a successful start

Well, we set the password to 123456 / usr / local / mysql / bin / mysqladmin-u root password 123456

If you do not return an error description correct.

Then enter / usr / local / mysql / bin / mysql-u root-p can manage CentOS mysql installed.
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