Using Apache2.2 and SVN1.6 build SVN version control platform

1, install Apache
Install the Apache software directly, enter the information during the installation process the first two in the Network Domain and Server Name to enter localhost, the following email on just that, and if the machine is installed and started in iis, iis services, we first stopped. Otherwise, for apache listen port conflict.
2, Installing Subversion
Note: If there is a 1.4.6 version of the binary exe installation file, and version 1.6 currently only source, extract down to use.
3, Apache and subversion integration
The first step:
Svn copy installation path \ bin files and, copy them into the Apache modules directory, copy the SVN \ bin \ libdb44.dll, libeay32.dll, and ssleay32.dll to the Apache \ bin the next.
Step Two:
Use Notepad text editor to edit the Apache configuration file \ conf \ httd.conf the following modifications:
Remove the following line (remove the # at the beginning):
# LoadModule dav_fs_module modules /
# LoadModule dav_module modules /
The last of the LoadModule section, add the following two lines:
LoadModule dav_svn_module "C: / Program Files / Subversion / bin /"
LoadModule authz_svn_module "C: / Program Files / Subversion / bin /"
The third step:
In the end of the file, append the following statement:
<Location /repository>
DAV svn
SVNParentPath D: / SVN / repository
</ Location>
One / repository is to tell Apache SVN using this URI as an access point, you can choose; following D: / SVN / repository is the storage location of the SVN repository, you can own optional, but this directory must exist.
Above this is a multi-library configuration, the single library, can SVNParentPath into SVNPath. Gesha difference between these two? Simply put, many libraries is the following can have multiple repository, such as can **localhost/repository/repo01, **localhost/repository/repo02 to access different repository, corresponds to the D: / SVN / repository The following subdirectories repo01, repo02, while the single library can only be used **locahhost/repository/, to visit the only repository.
Anxious people may now go to visit these link, and the result is not let you down ah? Because we have not yet established repository, of course, can not access, the establishment of the method is to use SVN installation directory \ bin following svnadmin.exe, at the command line "svnadmin create D: / SVN/repository/repo01", on the establishment of a repo01, then Restart Apache, then visit **localhost/repository/repo01, is not to see "Revision 0: /"? This shows that the repository already in operation (the initial version 0).
4, basic authentication and access control
SVN repository up and running successfully, you always want to put forward a repository user name password? In addition, you may also need to give a different account or in a different directory on the role assigned different permissions (read-only, writable.
The third step is to change the settings
<Location /repository>
DAV svn
SVNParentPath "D: / SVN / repository"
AuthType Basic
AuthName "your-name's subversion repository"
AuthUserFile "D: / SVN / svn_auth"
Require valid-user
</ Location>
Red lines this is what we want, just write a big problem which AuthName, AuthUserFile casually put that, which is maintained by the user name and password. Note that this file is generated by Apache, is not you just set up a text file written opinions on the user name password OK:) concrete with the Apache htpasswd command:
htpasswd-c filename username # create a password file, and write the username of the information, enter your password after the prompt
htpasswd filename username # which the current password file to append a username after the information to do this step, restart Apache, then the browser to access your repository, is not prompt you to enter a user name and password authentication is such a basic, followed by permission. Or the usual first change httpd.conf:
<Location /repository>
DAV svn
SVNParentPath "D: / SVN"
AuthzSVNAccessFile "D: / SVN / svn_rule"
AuthType Basic
AuthName "your-name's subversion repository"
AuthUserFile "D: / SVN / svn_auth"
Require valid-user
</ Location>

This svn_rule is what? In fact, is a text file, where no additional extension is a Unix-style, this file defines each role for each account or can do. Look at a few examples:
[Repo01: /]
user1 = rw
user2 = r
For many libraries, define one repo01 all directories, read and write allows user1, user2 read only
[Repo01: / Project1]
user1 = rw
user2 = r
And similar to the above, but provides refined to sub:)
[/ Project1]
user1 = rw
user2 = r
This single library that is the case:)
admin = user1, user3
readonly = user2, user4

[Repo01: /]
@ Admin = rw
@ Readonly = r
This role is to set up, and the front of the main differences are with the group, and group name in front of @, and user name to distinguish.
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时间: 2011-02-21


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