c + + const pointers and references

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    /****const  Pointer  ****/
    const double pi = 3.14;
        //double *p = &pi;// Error, const object address can only be passed on to    Points to a const object    Pointer  
        const double *p = 0;
        p = &pi;
        //*p += 1.4;// Error, cannot    Pointer to a pointer to a const object    Modify a const object    The value of the  
        double age = 2.2;
        p = &age;// Pointer to a pointer to a const object    Can point to non-  const Object  
        //*p += 1.2;// Pointer to a pointer to a const object    Links to non-  const Object  , You cannot modify the value of the non-const objects  

        int num = 0;
        int num1 = 1;
        int *const cur = &num;// Define a link to a non-const objects    const Pointer  
        //cur = &num1;// You cannot modify the value of the cur  

        /****const  Reference  ****/
        double val = 3.2;
        const double &dr = val + 1.0;
        const int &ir = 1024;
        const int &ir1 = val;
        //int &ir2 = 1024;// Non-const references    Cannot point to a constant  
        //int &ir3 = val;// Non-const references    Cannot be    Implicit conversions  ( Cannot be converted to a double  int)
        //double &ir4 = val + 1.2;// Non-const references    No addition operation  
        double &ir5 = val;
        ir5 = 4;
        const int ival = 1024;
        int const &s1 = ival;
        const int *const &s = &ival;
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时间: 2010-10-15


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