Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended

In the continued economic downturn, open source software within the company began more and more popular in various fields of cloud computing is one of them, the cloud itself can provide companies with flexibility and lower costs. The deployment of cloud computing can save a lot of expenses for the company, and suppliers from the time-release lock mode, while providing a flexible application of the public used private connections. Here are 11 open source cloud computing resources, including applications, services, educational resources, support options, General profitable projects and so on.

Eucalyptus 【 ****eucalyptus**/

Ostatic in 2008, UC Santa Barbara announced the open source cloud computing project. The project is a open source implementation of Amazon EC2. The project started in 2009, start-up capital from venture capital, Eucalyptus staff, including the original project architect. The company announced in 2009 the first revised version of the platform software framework, it has a decent version of Ubuntu Linux operating characteristics of cloud computing.

Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended

Red Hat goes 【****redhat**/solutions/cloud/

Red Hat Linux-based open-source vendors quickly put the focus into the cloud computing. July 2008, Red Hat open source cloud computing summit was held, at which many industry insiders made a speech advocating open source cloud computing. Steven's speech will introduce the rapid development of Red Hat cloud computing strategy.

Traffic Server 【https: / / cwiki.apache** / confluence / display / TS / Traffic + Server】

Yahoo last year to enhance its open source cloud computing realm, its Traffic Server product donated Appache Foundation. Traffic Server is used internally by Yahoo traffic management tool, it can be session management, authentication, configuration management, load balancing, and the whole cloud computing software stack routing management. Traffic Server as the original decoration of cloud computing services, through which, IT managers can allocate resources, including management of thousands of existing virtual service.


Open-source Hadoop software framework is a framework based on the cluster, the flexibility to implement a large-scale tasks such as data query, and therefore, in the cloud more and more widely deployed application. Hadoop Apache Foundation to be a high rating, and, Yahoo already have their own well-tested Hadoop distributed platform. Cloudera is a promising start-up companies, primarily focused on providing commercial support for the Hadoop. Read more about Cloudera information.

Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended


Virtual server applications in the cloud more and more widely, based on Cfengine legacy systems Reductive Lab's open source software is loved by the system administrator. You can use it to automate the management of a large number of systems or virtual machines, eliminating the need to design a large number of complex scripts.

Joyent 【 ****joyent**/

January 2009, Joyent purchased Reasonably Smart, Reasonably Smart is a new open source based JaveScript and Git cloud computing start-up companies. Joyent's cloud hosting infrastructure and cloud management software includes a number of open source for building private and public cloud cloud tool. The company also can help you optimize the execution speed of the open source MySQL database for use in cloud computing.

Zoho 【 ****zoho**/

Competitive products as Google Docs, Zoho large number of people using the free package, online application. But few know the nuclear Zoho is completely open source - this is a good solution on how SaaS and open source example of harmony. Relevant details of the interview 【**news.cnet**/8301-13505_3-10296094-16.html?tag=mncol; title

Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended

Globus Nimbus 【 ****nimbusproject**/

This open source toolkit enables business from the cluster system to a IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud platform. He supported the Amazon EC2 interface, but this is not the only option.

Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended

Reservoir 【 ****

This is the European Convention on virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure, the main research projects. This is a far-reaching project, targeted to develop cloud computing open source technology, and help companies avoid being locked.

Super practical! Eleven open source cloud computing resources recommended

OpenNebula 【 ****opennebula**/doku.php

Reservoir OpenNebula VM Manager is the core component. This is a lot of proprietary open source virtual machine management product implementation, it is a good infrastructure and cloud computing services interactive tool box. OpenNubula the project leader, said, "OpenNubula is an open source virtual infrastructure engine that enables dynamic deployment, but also the physical resource pool based on the resettlement of the virtual machine."

Open source tools and resources to participate in the competitive field of cloud computing, which is a very good sign. , The consequences will be more flexible organization able to customize their services and open source cloud products are also able to make all of the competing products remain at a price level.
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