Architect of the Road - technology. Books

1, the architect embryo (the programmer) to learn basic knowledge of the language, design basis, communications infrastructure, etc., should be completed at the university, including java, c, c + +, uml, RUP, XML, socket communication (communication protocol) - Learning to build applications necessary raw materials.

2, budding architect (senior programmer) to learn distributed system, the formation of such content, you can work at the university or the first time in contact with, including the principles of distributed systems, ejb, corba, com / com +, webservice (graduate students can study the network computers, high-performance parallel processing, etc.)

3, the architect seedlings (designers) should control the foundation, combined with actual project experience, a thorough understanding of application design patterns, including design patterns (c + + version, java version), ejb design patterns, J2EE architecture, UDDI, software design patterns. In the meantime, it is best to understand in practical projects of software engineering applications and team development, team management.


One. Technology

J2EE technology is the architect of the foundation.
1. "Java programming ideas"

Beginners Java that so hard to read this book, reading only the second time that said very carefully.
This is a fear more reading.

2. "J2EE Applications and BEA WebLogic Server"

Talked in detail with examples in all the technical details J2EE: Servlet, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, EJB (Session, Entity, Message) Java-Mail, JAAS. J2EE technology is a good book to learn quickly.

3. "Proficient EJB"

MASTERING JavaBeans Enterprise of the Chinese version, EJB details about the well-depth EJB is a good reference.

II. Design

J2EE Architect J2EE technology in addition to familiar with the need for more attention outside the analysis, design, modeling, and technical leadership role to play, so the field of object-oriented design requires a solid foundation.

1. "UML and Patterns"

About the combination of object-oriented UML, UML is suitable for beginners and object-oriented.

MartinFowler think it is best to enter one of the world's 00 books.

2. "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software Foundation"

Gang of Four, the classic pattern book, it goes without saying it.

3. "Java and the Model"

This book is like the example in the cultural, very authentic. Advantage is its thickness, is also its shortcomings.

4. "J2EE Core Model"

J2EE Architect a must-see is a good book to do J2EE architecture.

5. "EJB Design Patterns"

Good books to do EJB Designe.

6. "Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns and Practice"

United States won the "software development" in the 13th shock (Jolt) Award! Meng Yan CSDN force of experts recommended.

7. "Enterprise Application Architecture"

Martin Fowler master object-oriented masterpiece.

The book has a lot of models have been applied to the open-source projects, especially the persistence model.

8. "Software Architecture: Organizational Principles and Models"

About theory and practice of software architecture is very in-depth book. Well-known expert of IT consulting translation information.

9. "Reconstruction: Improving the Design of Existing Code (Chinese Edition)"

Master Martin Fowler's masterpiece, the master's works is, the technical books are written in easy to understand, and humor.

III. Process

"Unified Software Development Process"

This is a Rational three masters (Ivar Jacobson, Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh) masterpiece.

RUP is to learn the essence of the book.

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