A simple example AJAX asynchronous communication

textarea  Asynchronous submission loses focus  

index.jsp  The key code is as follows  :

  First step  :  Other controls can also be written page  ,  Not limited to  textarea

<s:form action="" method="post">
         <div >
           <p >   Mood today  :</p>
       <p >
        <textarea name="signature"  ><s:property value="user.signature"/>  //siganature   Is an attribute of user object  

  The second step :  In these pages  <head></head>  Add the following between the  js
<script language="javascript">

//  Define a variable to hold the XMLHttpRequest object     
   var xmlHttp;   
   var deleteStatus ;//  Status page deleted storage form  
   //  Change function is used to create an XMLHttpRequest object     
   function createXMLHttpRequest(){   
           xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");   
       }else if(window.XMLHttpRequest){   
           xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();   

   //  This is a way to start the AJAX asynchronous communication     
   function ajax_submit(){   
       //  Create an XMLHttpRequest object     

       //  Bound to a function of the state     
       //  Specified by POST method to  URL  Established call to the server     
       var url="<%=basePath%>/workPlanAction!deleteWorkPlanDetail.action?dto.workplanDetailId="+detailid; "POST",url,true);  

       //  Send request     
   //  This is a function to handle the state change     
   function processAjax(){   
       // Define a variable to hold the results returned from the server response     
       var responseContext="";   
               responseContext = xmlHttp.responseText;    
             // document.getElementById("ta").value=responseContext;   


  The third step  :  Class action prepared     Key code  

//  Importing packages to be omitted  

public class UpdateSignatureAction extends ActionSupport implements ServletRequestAware{

public String execute(){

String responseText="";   
        //  Read request parameters     
        HttpServletRequest request = ServletActionContext.getRequest();   
        responseText=new String(responseText.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"),"GBK"); //  Remove this line, there will be garbled  
  HttpServletResponse response = ServletActionContext.getResponse();   
  response.setContentType("text/plain");//  Set the output to a text stream    
        PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();   

        //  Directly to the content of the output response     

  Other signature persisted to the database will be operating as spent  

return null;


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时间: 2011-04-27


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