js summary of common nodes

<p> nodeName String node definition, according to the definition of the type of the node; </ p>
<p> nodeValue String value of the node, according to the definition of the type of the node; </ p>
<p> nodeType Number one node type constant value; </ p>
<p> ownerDocument Document points to the document this node belongs; </ p>
<p> firstChild Node points to the first node in the childNodes; </ p>
<p> lastChild Node point in the last node in the childNodes; </ p>
<p> childNodes NodeList list of all child nodes; </ p>
<p> previousSibling Node points to the previous sibling node; If this node is the first node, then the value is NULL; </ p>
<p> nextSibling Node to the next sibling node; If this node is the first node, then the value is NULL; </ p>
<p> hasChildNodes () Boolean When childNodes contains one or more nodes, return true; </ p>
<p> Attributes NamedNodeMap contains an element representing the characteristics of the attr object, only for Element node; </ p>
<p> appendChild to the end node to the childNodes; </ p>
<p> removeChild to delete node; </ p>
<p> replaceChild (newnode, oldnode) replace the node, will oldnode replaced newnode; </ p>
<p> insertBefore (newnode, refnode) in the childNodes of refnode insert newnode; </ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> handling attributes: </ p>
<p> getNamedItem (name): return nodeName attribute value equal to the name of the node; </ p>
<p> removeNamedItem (name): delete the nodeName attribute value equal to the name of the node; </ p>
<p> setNamedItem (node): the node added to the list, its nodeName attribute index; </ p>
<p> item (pos): same as with the NodeList, return the node at position pos; </ p>
<p> example: </ p>
<p> <p> hello world </ p> </ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> var sid = op.attributes.getNameItem ("id"). nodeValue; or var sid = op.attributes.getNameItem (1). nodeValue; </ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> var sid = op.getAttribute ("id ");</ p>
<p> op.setAttribute ("id", "newid ");</ p>
<p> </ p>
<p> Add node: </ p>
<p> var op = document.create_rElement ("p ");</ p>
<p> var otext = document.create_rTextNode ("hello .");</ p>
<p> op.appendChild (otext); </ p>
<p> document.body.appendChild </ p>
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