Java file using the JAD decompiler good light JAVA _

Java file using the JAD decompiler
September 2, 2007 Sunday, 02:22 AM

Recently drawn the short straw, the computer system unit accidentally hang out, and restore the system also failed, the most terrible is when colleagues in restoring my machine to other documents in the tears washed away. Alas, although the work submitted to the relevant code on the svn, but there are many valuable experimental code evaporated ah.

In case of a problem today, need to upgrade a Application, but in addition to the server is running outside of the Application of the jar, I do not have any code associated with the ... ... Do me a rewrite? Not say how much time and energy to be wasted, if there is some error, and that no joke.

Suddenly thought, seen previously in an article in the Internet can decompile java's. Class files tool JAD. Said to have been a long time but did not upgrade. Try holding the idea to the next site of a JAD to use. Next up, a Jad 1.5.8e for Linux on Intel platform, this is 2001 stuff, huh, huh. Can not know the man can not do ah.

After decompression, get a jad file and a ReadMe.txt. Do not read the document, the temporary use of less advanced parameters, study it later.


# Jad **.class

===================================== Attached below some of the content transferred ====== ============================
jad-ff-nl-space -8-nonlb-s. java *. class
jad is a very good free anti-java byte code compiler, I believe many people have used. I firmly believe that "a code to work is the best reference document", so I use the jad to benefit from previous work:)
jad is a command-line program, providing a large number of command line options, many people may not know, I will introduce a few helpful to everyone.
-8: The Unicode-encoded characters into ASCII output, so the Chinese will be in the program is output, rather than puzzling u**x this form
-Nl: splitting the string in accordance with the output, so a very long string that does not mean all on one line, and enhance readability.
JAVA mobile phone network [**cnjm**]
-Ff: on the method before the data members, so we write a program to comply with the habit
-Space: the if, while so add a space between keywords and expressions, this is a good programming style java
-Nonlb: not open braces (that is, left brace) front carriage, which is the customary style of most of java programmers, we can choose according to their habits through such a configuration, jad java code almost the output of handwriting The is no different (of course, the format is even better than hand-written specification)
In order to more easily (because I very very lazy ~ ~), I wrote a batch file and put it. Class to associate, so I just use the mouse to double click any. Class files, the corresponding java code directly in my The UltraEdit to open, I almost forgot the difference between java and class files of the:-D. Please annex the jad.exe and jadplus.bat also put a directory in the PATH, I usually to put C: WINNT below, if WinXP is C: Windows.
================================================== ========
@ If not exist% ~ jad-p-ff-nl-space -8-nonlb% 1>% ~
@ Uedit32% ~
================================================== ========
1-p means that direct output to the screen, so easy I redirect the output to a java file.
2 jad preceded by a judge, if the corresponding java file does not exist only to decompile, to avoid overwriting the original java code.
3 If you used to use other java editor, then modify the second line uedit32 java into your favorite editor.
Batch decompilation but only the previous version of JDK1.4.2 and decompile programs compiled, and can not do anything after JDK5.0, but you can download JAD.EXE to decompile CLASS files individually, but if there are dozens of encounter or a few hundred folders and directories deep, when in trouble, this gives a direct anti-compiled using the command line the entire directory: using the batch decompiler jad
jad-o-r-sjava-d src bin /**/*. class
src: directory after the anti-group
bin: the bin inside that package at the beginning of all. class decompilers to src the following

Anti-compilation can be completed.

Get is **.jad file. Directly open, oh thand goodness! ! 100% restored my code. Haha, save trouble erupted in slightly (but still confused ... no use ...)
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