cas for single sign-on of the simple example

In accordance with the following configuration successful:
1 First of all I opened tomcat5.5 of SSL
Modify the Tomcat configuration file server.xml, removing the comment for SSL, that is opening up ports 8443 modified the relevant code is as follows:
<Connector port = "8443" keystorePass = "changeit"
maxThreads = "150" minSpareThreads = "25" maxSpareThreads = "75"
enableLookups = "false" disableUploadTimeout = "true"
acceptCount = "100" debug = "0" scheme = "https" secure = "true"
clientAuth = "false" sslProtocol = "TLS" />
Description: keystorePass is to add the configuration items, namely, the certificate database password, tomcat server default is changeit
2. Generate the safety certificate, first in the command line switch to% java_home% \ jre \ lib \ security directory
% java_home% \ bin \ keytool-genkey-alias tomcat-keyalg RSA
The password is: changeit
Name is: localhost
Followed by other random write
% java_home% \ bin \ keytool-export-alias tomcat-file server.crt
% java_home% \ bin \ keytool-import-file server.crt-keystore% java_home% / jre / lib / security / cacerts
3. The CAS server3.0.2 in the target directory CAS.war copied to the% tomcat_home% \ webapps directory.
(Or \ cas-server-2.0.12 \ lib directory can also be CAS.war)
4. The cas-client-2.0.11 \ java \ lib file to the% tomcat_home% \ webapps \ servlets-examples \ WEB-INF \ lib (for there is no lib folder, to build their own one)
5. Modify the tomcat's own servlet-examples of web.xml, by adding cas filter:

<filter-name> CASFilter </ filter-name>
<filter-class> </ filter-class>
<param-name> </ param-name>
<param-value> https: / / localhost: 8443/cas/login </ param-value>
</ init-param>
<param-name> </ param-name>
<param-value> https: / / localhost: 8443/cas/proxyValidate </ param-value>
</ init-param>
<param-name> </ param-name>
<param-value> localhost: 8080 </ param-value>
</ init-param>
</ filter>
<filter-name> CASFilter </ filter-name>
<url-pattern> / servlet / * </ url-pattern>
</ filter-mapping>
6. Start tomcat!, CAS.war files are automatically in the webapps directory under the CAS to release into the **localhost:8080/servlets-examples, if configured correctly on the Gao Ding, and visit the show, when prompted to install the certificate (you on the choice installation of the above that the exported certificate, or from the IE - Tools - Internet Preferences - Content - Certificates - and then follow the prompts to import sufficient).

If it is IE, then, first of all will pop up a dialog box that prompts you the certificate is not issued by a trusted institution. This is quite natural, because the certificate is itself generated.

Click "View Certificate", click "Install Certificate" in the Wizard of options "to all of the certificates on the following store" and then click "Browse", select "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities." Click OK to install the certificate. IE will be considered later this certificate is issued by a trusted institution.

If you do not want to install, you can also directly in the dialog box, click "Yes"

Click on a casual Execute, the system is automatically forwarded to the CAS's landing page.
Enter the same user name and password, then jump back to the original page NOTE:
In the production of a self-signed credential, and in the keystore file is generated when the password is: changeit (This is the tomcat default), your name must be an: localhost, of course, is that you need to CAS client and CAS server on the same platform testing machine used.



A generation crt's jre must tomcat using jdk's jre, or can not find the certificate.

2 filter in <url-pattern> / servlet / * </ url-pattern> is the need to verify the url or context.

3 cas2.0.11 and tomcat5.5.16 windows install version may be incompatible (I suppose).
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时间: 2008-07-27


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