Bao Fang Xingdong selected order of years of Chinese website

Over the past ten years the golden years of Internet development in China. Increase from 10 million Internet users in China to 400 million; from three major gateway to catch the last train market bubble burst, more than 50 Internet companies listed on the camp; leader in the market value of the site of one billion U.S. dollars from the current level is raised to more than 400 billion dollars ; a number of money and powerless, full of ideals and enthusiasm of young people to one of today's richest man ... ... years, great changes in China's Internet is not only reflected in these amazing figures. The most fundamental is that this decade will be hundreds of millions of Chinese people into the network era, the Chinese society from a semi-industrial, semi-agricultural society of the country into the information society. Through the popularity of the Internet, will a new spirit, culture and civilization to China in various fields, all levels!

So to sum up years of China's Internet, we need a strategically advantageous position, summed up the phenomenon of direct nature.

China's largest wealth creation in the sun

First, we have the wealth from the people most enthusiastic about the perspective of ten years of the Internet path. In 2000, the biggest Chinese Internet entrepreneurs dream is to create a $ 1,000,000,000 Internet company. In 2005, when Mr. Chen started M & Sina, his dream is to create a 50 billion U.S. dollars of the Internet giant. Although this dream did not materialize, but in 2006, Baidu listed on the market value of the day beyond the 50 billion dollars, China's first $ 5,000,000,000 of the world-class Internet companies was born. The records do not remain long, in 2007, the first day of listing Alibaba a market value to 200 billion U.S. dollars, in one fell swoop into the global top five in the camp. Although the subsequent financial crisis Alibaba shares fell, but 200 billion dollars in height is not a short-lived dream. September 8, 2009, Tencent dollar hit a new high of 130, market capitalization reached 300 billion U.S. dollars, more than eBay, Yahoo's market value to become the third largest Internet company, second only to Google, Amazon. By early 2010, Tencent is the market value exceeded 40 billion U.S. dollars, China's Internet into a new realm. Today, Baidu is also the market value of around 40 billion U.S. dollars, the overall value of Alibaba will not be less than this figure. According to the Internet Laboratory predicts that by 2015, China will reach 800 million Internet users as much as Britain, France and United States and Japan is equivalent to five Internet users in developed countries combined. The next 3 to 5 years in China, the performance growth rate of 30% to 50%, is bound to at least one $ 100,000,000,000 was born of the Internet giant.

Compared to the real estate and stock market, the Chinese Internet sector is not the gathering place for the most wealth. However, the Internet is the wealth area of the sunniest and most clean place. As of today, China's Internet market value of listed companies, the sum of 1,500 billion U.S. dollars, China's largest wealth creation in the sun. This 150 billion U.S. dollars, roughly one-third of the world: about 1 / 3 of the wealth from the risk of investments abroad, especially in foreign risk investment, they have been in the Chinese Internet sector vast wealth returns. There are 1 / 3 of the major Chinese Internet companies at home and abroad to purchase shares of shareholders who, as the Chinese Internet stock prices, they also share the feast of the Internet. There are 1 / 3, mainly by the Internet company's founders and management team share. The wealth, are driving China's Internet and high technology entrepreneurship and the broader wave of innovation.

Ten years of change

Years of history, it is just a moment, but for the Chinese Internet, it becomes a long and exciting journey. Recalling the years, we can conclude that fundamental changes in the top ten.

1. Internet users and constitute a fundamental change. In early 2000, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 10 million mark for the first time. Today, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 400 million, advancing 500 million. Number of Internet users increased by 40 times. Internet users penetration rate of over 30%, the first comprehensive coverage than the global average. And high-end Internet elite group mainly from the past, and now the general public, mainly to promote the application of the Chinese Internet changes and the emergence of a new pattern.

2. Internet income scale of magnitude improvement. In early 2000, China's Internet revenues to nearly zero, so at that time only a Chinese Internet concept in the capital market did not really make a profit. But today the Internet in China has surpassed the billion mark in revenue. Online games, online advertising and e-commerce industry so to reach the scale of tens of billions. China's Internet is no longer a simple concept, but the vigorous development of large industry.

3. From the three major gateway to the three dominant. In early 2000, China's Internet led by Sina, Sohu and Netease the three major portals. Over the next many years, people can not imagine what can go beyond the three major portal sites. However, until now, and Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba compared to the three major portals and market appeal of the income scale has become a second camp, the formation of market value is orders of magnitude difference.

4. From the power of Web1.0 to Web2.0 site transfer. In early 2000, a group of three major portals and vertical portals as the core of China's Internet is mainly Web1.0 model. Internet users just passive viewers, readers and consumers. Today, the Internet has been the development of active force is Web2.0 drive. Users to become producers, creators, opened up a whole new realm of the Internet in China.

5. From free competition to monopolistic competition. Ten years ago the Chinese Internet Yimapingchuan, is staking their claims in the period of free competition, good, strong power base is not involved in the traditional. And after decades of development, several core business with the giant monopoly began to appear, plus instant messaging communities Ma, Ma Li e-commerce and search, all have strong market power. China Internet must be continued under the shadow of giant monopolies entrepreneurship and innovation.

6. From productivity tools to anti-productivity tool. Ten years ago, the Internet is widely regarded as enhancing productivity, save time, reduce costs, improve efficiency productivity tools. However, as online games, online chat and other consumer applications, the explosive growth of the Internet more and more apparent consumption of time, the consumption of money, and reduce the efficiency of the "anti-productivity tool" side. Globally, the Internet consumer IP traffic in 2008, more than a commercial IP traffic, while in China, this time may be even two years in advance.

8. Internet has become the root of social problems in China. Ten years ago, the Internet is only affected people's dreams and imagination. The present and future, China's social problems are the root of a large extent directly related to the Internet. And mainly caused by the four inverted: that children know better than parents the Internet; students know better than teachers Internet; employees know better than the boss the Internet; the masses know better than the official Internet.

9. Countries are from the "first development to management" into "the first management and further development." Compared with ten years ago, government regulation and Internet governance of unprecedented strengthened. Great impact on government policy and led the development process of China's Internet and room to grow. This regard because of the importance of the Internet in the community greatly enhance the other hand, on a global scale, the Internet has become a public diplomacy and national security and defend. The trend of strong management, how to better promote the global competitiveness of China's Internet and the rise of the construction of China's soft power, between the various ministries and coordination and interaction of Internet governance as a new challenge.

10. Conditions of extremely beautiful, the environment is deteriorating. Compared with ten years ago, the Chinese Internet business can be described as extremely beautiful condition. First, the number of Internet users world's first, and to continue its rapid growth, Internet business provides a very open platform. Moreover, as the Internet business the most important source of funds, venture investment in China full bloom, under the impetus of the government, local governments are now encouraging venture capital. Now is no longer money, but lack of good projects. However, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba and other markets under monopoly power, and China Mobile, China Telecom under the influence of state-owned monopoly, and the management of various government departments, administrative monopoly, the China Internet environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, there is continued deterioration.

In short, compared to ten years before, a huge contrast to the progress and we should look carefully at China's Internet development.

Conclusion: future plans

According to the Internet Lab predicts that 2015 will be 400 million Chinese netizens rose to 800 million, the Internet industry revenues will grow from the scale of hundreds of billions to trillions of increase, the Internet will enter all levels of society and the most dramatic changes in traditional areas of the stage . Because in addition to double the number of Internet users, the more important variable is the change in the quality of Internet users, that is, the degree of change in use of the Internet users. By 2015, China's 2-year-old Internet users to exceed 600 million, equivalent to 3 times now; China for 5 years of age with the Internet users will reach 400 million, equivalent to 4 times now! For the traditional areas of impact, 5 years after the power of the combined effects of the Internet is now the order of magnitude improvement.

5 years after the Chinese Internet industry will reach what extent? Internet and social dimensions to the traditional areas of impact will be to what extent? Currently only just begun, absolutely can not stand to see the future now. But be sure, the future is even more interesting and future plans!

About the author:

Fang Xingdong, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, master's degree, Doctor Communication, Tsinghua University. Internet Lab, blog China (blogchina) and Yiwu co founder and chairman of the global network to publish the "21 book", "IT Historical Records", "blog", "up - to challenge Microsoft hegemony" and the poetry collection, "You've I downstream journeyman "and 20.

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