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"Charming property" is an often I used to experience in product design and product on the vocabulary.

This is not my invention, I have a company AOSmith water heater on when the user some time to do research, we use a research company called "Kono (Kano) model" of things to help us analyze various properties of the product, Several properties of the products I write down the contents. For a long time, I find such a concept can be used in the design of our Internet products, and even in many product design can be applied, is still very useful.

So I began to tell on many occasions, the concept of combining some of my experience and understanding, there are some optimization of it. Many people are interested in the beginning, made like the same things that I proposed. Here I am trying to elaborate on it.

Annual meeting in UCD I share the so-called product "Four Properties", then explained that the properties of all products can be divided into four categories, they are:

Product must have the necessary attributes of property. Such as the TV must be a shadow, such as micro-Bo must be issued to concerned users of products to meet the most basic needs.
Dispensable attribute does not matter the user that the product attributes, such as refrigerators can play music.
Attractive property that the product particularly attractive to users, and different from other products of special properties.
Unacceptable product attribute can not have the attributes, and essential properties are often in opposition. For example, in China using 110-volt power supply, micro-Bo can not be forwarded and so on.
In fact, this is simplified and conceptualized by my model, on the original data and related analysis, we will attach later in the article, I believe the user and product research do the students help.

The other three concepts are very well understood, except the "charm Properties", you need to explain in detail, which is I think the most valuable properties. Is in the design of all product managers need to consider what products. This thing, no not the so-called, has, really can not afford to lose.

For example:

A few days ago in sub-micro-Bo Liu made the piece, in the QQ mailbox, if you write such as "please see attached" a text, and then forgot to paste the attachment, a box will pop out. Cute enough, right?

This is very typical of the charm of attributes, users will find this feature a good close ah. A reminder of a very warm people.

With a wap version of the micro-Bo, if the server is busy, you will see this screen, people feel the need to laugh. No use, but obviously helpful than just saying the above sentence, but also for the server for a time.

I often referred to Apple's "breathing light." Apple's Power, standby time will light up a light, rhythm and human sleep breathing, very interesting. Many first time to see who will fall in love with this "intimate" small design. To be honest, this feature is not that hard, but Apple did. Later, several mobile phones with similar features, such as the Nokia 8600, I have used, the lights, breathe slow, I like to follow it, breathe, and each time have Biede death. I would think that Nokia learned, Mo Xuehao.

I have always felt that the best grasp the charm property is apples. We will find a lot of Apple products move people in the small details. For example, when the input of a magnifying glass, such as a laptop behind the light-emitting logo ... ... When we asked those Apple users, most Apple products move you where something is, in addition to general "design", the you'll hear a lot of interesting things, These are attractive attributes.

When someone asks you, say going out of a refrigerator, Indian paintings on the door, you think? I think most people will choose "No so-called" because they may not intend to buy a refrigerator, even going to buy, what brand of refrigerator is also concerned about how much capacity is not energy, and so, no one will make you want a "panel printed" refrigerator . However, we found in the store, printing refrigerator sell well at the same time, Siemens has introduced the famous works printed on the refrigerator, on the mall tour, many people will admire the creativity and cultural flavor of Siemens, the series has become very easy to sell.

Some would say that the charm is the small details of the Well property. Partially true. The exact point that people should be able to impress some of the small details. It is small details that move people, for the people to win more customers, more customers take the initiative with a friend in exchange for mention.

Another argument is that "human." I think this and the "charm of property" is not the same. "Humanity" that is when people themselves, the practice of the people as human beings. But the "charm of property" is to do the kind of liked the people.

Why should there be attractive property? What are the characteristics attractive property?
If you have a boyfriend, ask yourself, why I like him. If you have girlfriend, and why I like her. Why is he / she, and not others? He / she and many others are the same. You must tell me, you like many people do not like him / her so special, you will very familiar, even, will these benefits, all full of happiness. This is what attracted you to the other side, you remember those, that is the charm of the other attributes.

It's that simple, when the products become more homogeneous, those who have personality, a unique and attractive properties of the product will have come to the fore. For example, who can tell me that World War II thousands of groups and thousands of buy site What is the difference? This expression may be more directly that the homogenization of the more serious lower customer loyalty. Like buy, now the largest flow, is actually a collection of sites that buy, as consumers pay only for the content of Customers, As for where to buy, we service are the same, also lacks stress.

Therefore, the charm of property is the best antidote to homogeneity.

Have found that all we have mentioned, and you can think of who can appeal property, you are willing to share with others. I would like, then there is no thing to do than help you take the initiative to promote customer Gengshuang the bar. I will be friends with a lot of people talk about mobile phone network filtering, because it let me use it so hot, Taobao not achieved before. Each of us, I start with people who have moved their product features, that they will enraptured. These spread out all these functions are very simple things, a word or two will be able to kind of clear.

Therefore, the charm of property with a strong spread of power, and even the role of the virus.

The charm of a good property, occupies a certain area can easily make your own this function as a kind of product or a certain area of the standard, eventually became standard. Such as "HTTP", I do not know who should use it, but I know QQ the first to promote them in this respect, then everyone would feel QQ mass file "Kaopu" ah. Even then other IM tools also support the HTTP, the user will think that "the people have already been made QQ," "the original HTTP Want a ah can." A "also" word, how helpless. Even more frightening is that, MSN has to date sent an "also" word, because it was not support for HTTP, people will think "silly." Even many attractive properties are used and associate the brand, and later often considered to be "learned."

Therefore, the appeal is very strong exclusive property.

When a property is to achieve the ultimate charm, a phenomenon sometimes occurs. Awareness of product attributes and dissemination of results, much higher than the product itself. We have come across, can not remember a thing, but to remember what features it, he said, "that is able to ** xx", belonging to such examples. For example, I now X10 mobile phone, I heard more than once introduced with other people, said Hu Fei fat that a good camera phone, Han models to remember. Your boyfriend can not high not handsome, it may not romantic, you can not not do this, but you still like him, because he must in some way make you feel the charm enough to make up all deficiencies.

Therefore, the charm of the property can be put much energy.

There is a very interesting phenomenon is that once a property is considered attractive, it can not no. Such as Want Want and Tradelink had merged, Want Want the original "A friend can be in multiple groups," the function is canceled, and I was out of this is a lower Meili Zhi thing. You know, when the IM tools, only Want to it. Later With MSN, QQ had. Want to now more than one group can not, anyway I will never change my view, that change is very sensible. There are plenty of such examples. The most interesting is that when a charming property disappears, the user will think, how this enterprise, and how the brand, why did not the. To be honest this is terrible. Think about tomorrow, you get an Apple computer, noticed that the light stays on will not breathe, you think.

Therefore, the charm of property needs to be upheld.

How to find attractive property?
Ask a question, product manager in the design of product, will consider the problem? What customer needs will be considered, and then consider how to meet their needs, right? Then make a "meet" needs. Such products, often "just" to meet customer demand, customers will not feel satisfied, but will not feel so cool, but not willing to help you promote.

And then compared those cases above, where is the difference? Not only because of the above product manager to meet customer needs, and exceed customer expectations. Customers can not say to a computer power supply can breathe, but they do, customers cool. Moreover, the product manager is also very interesting.

My idea is attractive attributes do not directly ask the user.

The biggest problem, product manager, is always in the "Analysis of needs - to meet the demand" to get the job. Said Bing (Bing) example of Microsoft to do a search engine. It needs? To be able to search, so need to have reptiles, there are algorithms, and so the index. To quickly, not like a traditional Microsoft product so slow, so the need to optimize speed, Microsoft do not think that the page shows "**x seconds with a time What is the point", so users will not complain about Microsoft's need to find the best time, as long as faster than this on it. Need to put together a variety of search results, so the search has been mixed. These are the requirements to complete this, is a search engine, the product manager's duties are completed. This is the original Windows Live Search. But nobody uses, there is no advertising of the problem? I tell you it is not. The key problem is the user does not replace the search engine to find a pretext for not be able to spread the charm of finding a property. So Microsoft has done several things: a very loud from the name of Bing, and then will be home with the big picture of the emotional way they operate and, finally, to do product innovation, will be search for video, mouse over the time will directly play, this is really great, it will save a lot of time. So many customers are beginning to fall in love will be with others to share pictures and experience will be a lot of people will be mobile phone to download the client, to do with the desktop picture will be home. This allows us to see the search engine could be so play. Will be a lot of market share in the global rally, has been the second out.

My idea is, product managers need to jump out, open to think about.

Microsoft, chatted with me a few years ago, said there will be a new search products, daily updates page image. My reaction at the time was "crazy", that is, I think that this property "optional." But then come out, I would breathe breath. Similarly, Google's logo culture, like everyone, I still remember the day commemorating the game PAC-MAN, originally made of the following if such a picture, we would be very pleasant surprise, found that "I'm feel lucking" into the "Insert Coin "and can play two. The whole person crazy, and you did not expect to be interesting to such heinous proportions. This demand will never be "clients" put forward! And when we asked users how to play the game google home page, that user will not select the "cool", which is optional.

My idea is, try from the "optional" attribute in the mining property it may be the charm.

To be honest, the days of my contact with the product, hate the sentence is "two." "Phase II" is the best I've seen way shirk, because "Phase II" gives us a sense of hope there, giving a "a priority" of the organized sense. But I do not know how to other companies, I have come across the products, often "what TM has two!?" Why? Because the needs of other at the back, you are two of these needs, since all the second phase, and that is important, therefore, must never made it onto the priority, so no one will care.

The facts are brutal, product manager cut off those "two" needs, often something that can be attractive. The result, is that we spent a lot of energy, made no difference with other people, and meet basic needs. Then a silly on-line product is more than a year. Not cite examples, the hurt and gas. In short, I get two clear-cut stand against all acts as an excuse.

My idea is that the demand from being two, go look for things to be attractive attributes.

Everyone in contact with a variety of products every day, we often think how this thing is not how do not like. In fact, this means that if one way or another, we will use the cool point. In other words, how, you had to high. Product manager in the design of many of our products and cut demand, I can not see the light in their eyes, tell the truth, one can not make their products high up, how do we expect others to cool it? I've seen a product line of our trading manager, talked about what to do when his eyes really shine, like Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive look the same. I then just like myself, it would be a good product, the result really. Pity, we encountered a lot of product manager, will emphasize the boss should do, and then do a division on the work done, I really do not expect the thing to do is.

Because, as the practice is to meet others. Only to meet their own time, people would be excited. Have you seen every day, pick up, call psyche also cool it?

Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive, the eyes full of confidence and enthusiasm

Taobao's TMS system is a good positive cases. The first requirement is to replace the aging TurboCMS, while achieving a number of automatic updates. Later, several students TMS team is very high, such as hair brother, Albatron, he will operate every day with the students to communicate, we used cool look unhappy, and the problems found recorded. , We found on the regularly updated, and then release and logging. Found that operators also spent a lot of time in the Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V, then a small feature on the design and operation can be directly pasted excel table, which is the function allows us cheered. You know, these requirements are not offered to come. Because our students to love their products, product, want to do better.

I repeat, the day of product demand, product manager, will never find a charming property, not to praise all the products made.

I want to say is that to make themselves attractive property is the eyes light up things, shine, be sure to take it.

Find attractive property is simple, look up, out to see and then transferred to look.

Implement and maintain the attractive properties, and the formation of product features that really have nothing to say.

If you're talking about a small feature on the eyes shine, do not control anything else, do it.

If you find the user about your little function to eyes shine, do not control how people say hold.

Later, this is your character, grab someone else can not take away.

Pay attention to changes in the property This is a very interesting phenomenon. We found in the product life cycle and replacement, the product attributes to change.

On the one hand because the user needs will develop. The definition of property is not the same constant, when a property from the original charm of property has become the industry standard, it will be converted into an essential attribute. Such as color TV, in the era of black and white, color is absolutely charming property, and later, someone's not a color TV? Another example is the forwarding and micro-blog reviews, no time, one has to feel extremely tricky, then who do to it, and if the forward and commented on the two, certainly some BS-ing.

On the one hand because of the development of the product itself. Very simple example, Office, upgrade to 2007, when many people BS-ing, what rotten things are looking for can not find the menu. Because we are accustomed to the original menu in 2003, and 2007, fundamentally changed the menu from the organization, which seemed at the time, fast is "unacceptable property" of the. At that time Microsoft also out of a report that Office2007 users in two months, how many per cent of efficiency, I scoffed. But when I spent two years, and later upgraded to 2010, when, one day at a computer installed in 2003, I did not find dead looking for the menu, and then suddenly realized, the menu organization in 2007, have helped to to improve efficiency. This is the charm of property is the process of gradually understanding and recognition.

There are two properties need to change the direction of attention.

Charm Properties -> essential attributes. We say that the occupation is a field, this is a "state" of the.
Optional attribute -> charm properties. Were exhumed and the process of being approved. Product Manager, this process will be very happy. I call this "evolution"
Essential properties -> not acceptable properties. This can not be placed figure, because it means products fail, or make something out of an emasculated. Such as the second half of Taobao in 2008 to do "limited buy" products, after the spike had been playing with demand, the demand on the time change was made to realize the price in advance notice and so on. The result is that the notice function of the time was not necessary, "was the second phase" of the. Finally, I told them that the user does not know when to start to change the price, who is going to wait for, no What kind of people waiting to buy limited time, and said that neutered before the product will not be given without notice any promotional resources. The result is the product line delayed for nearly 2 months. This is a bloody example, we have to encourage each other.
Note that the movement between product attributes, a one-way. If there is a reverse movement took place is likely to be demand for subversion, or I make a failure.

Well, I think right Tingzhi, and attractive property is a very useful thing, a good grasp of, and even more powerful. Addressed to the person willing to do a good job.


* Annex: Kano model details and implementation methods

===== Here are some books and a bit of this comparison, product manager, wrote to research and research officers.

Not interested can skip ======

In fact, the above is the result of my concept of simplified and conceptual model, the original Professor Kano of Japan research methods like this:

Of products, there is three types of attributes: one-dimensional properties, attributes and essential attributes charm. Product features good or bad, and the relationship between customer satisfaction the following diagram.

High school students studied mathematics should be able to understand, one-dimensional property is a functional as possible about customer satisfaction. The essential functional properties to a certain level, satisfaction changes will slow down. Meanwhile, the more attractive attributes, satisfaction will be enhanced greatly.

There is also a "secondary property" means that no matter how functional performance, and satisfaction will not affect the property.

Kano analysis of technology and data collection: respondents will be asked to answer a set of matching problems, the data will be many, will be very troublesome. Form example:

If the computer has a waterproof keyboard, do you think? If the computer does not have waterproof keyboard, do you think?
1. I like 2. It is as it should be 3. Does not matter
4. I can stand

5. I do not like

1. I like 2. It is as it should be 3. Does not matter
4. I can stand

5. I do not like

Get the match for the problem, we can give an answer to a classification of each definition, the following is a typical definition of classification:

Where A = Attractive = attractive properties, M = Must-be = necessary attributes, O = One-dimensional = one-dimensional attributes, I = Indifferent = minor attributes, R = Reflected = attribute with the opposite assumption, Q = Question = question to answer.

Then the different scores according to statistics obtained by some algorithm, you can mark the coordinate system above an attribute of each point, the higher the more important that

In addition to this performance, but also can be combined with advanced statistical analysis, get some with in-depth analysis.

Introduced in the end of the book so far ===== ======

Hu Fei special emphasis on fat, it is only a method only, do not believe in analysis, but not all believe in science. Particularly attractive attributes, believe in yourself even more important.
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