The steps and install Adobe Alchemy attention

Since the last time for the Adobe Alchemy released an introductory article, the forum has some repercussions, as a technology evangelist, taking into account this great technology tool itself has a certain threshold, the user will be used to both C and AS3 language and CYGWIN related knowledge, in order to eliminate these obstacles, the next chapter describes the following three content
Generation development environment configuration Alchemy Alchemy of the library Swc
Swc applied to the project will be to want to initiate, and lead us into this wonderful world.
Alchemy of a development environment configured to download **
To the Archive below to choose the installation zip package to the Select Package At this time, need to select the following three things (very critical, it is not installed by default)
zip: Info-ZIP compression
gcc-gc + +: C + + compiler
Perl Install
(If the speed is slow, the middle number will jump out the window installation is not successful. Re-install to. If you install a small file, enter the command at the Cygwin command line error when, for example: "perl" not available, "zip" not available )
To **java** to download the JAVA Virtual Machine Download Flex Sdk 3.2 version. installed. who directly install Flex Build 3
Download Adobe Alchemy download **labs.adobe**/wiki/index.php/Alchemy then extract, assuming extracted to d: \ \ alchemy directory (seems to be the root directory, look in the help in accident to, not verified). this before because it got to know FleSDK and Alchemy Cygwin path, therefore I have set up a little something:
Will be C: / cygwin / etc folder under the file "profile" in the
PATH = / usr / local / bin: / usr / bin: / bin: / usr/X11R6/bin: $ PATH.
source / cygdrive / c / alchemy / alchemy-setup
PATH = / usr / local / bin: / usr / bin: / bin: / usr/X11R6/bin: / cygdrive / c / alchemy / achacks: / cygdrive / c / FlexSDK / bin: $ PATH
And then save the file (note the path inside the ... ... c / alchemy / ... ...).
Key: '/ cygdrive / c /' means 'C: /'.
6 or more of these done, you can see a green desktop Cygwin icon, then double-click, enter the command line
7 this environment you can use the ls command to view the folder, cd into a directory and enter the command cd d: / alchemy Enter
8-input. / Config Enter this time you should be able to see this line prompt:
Generating alchemy-setup ...
Turining execution bit on for Alchemy binaries ...
Add "source / cygdrive / d / alchermy / alchemy-setup" to your login script.
"Alc-home" takes you to the Alchemy install folder.
"Alc-on" puts Alchemy gcc toolchain replacements at the front of your path.
"Alc-off" restores original path.
"Alc-util" shows you various Alchemy-related environment vars
You need Flash 10 or AIR 1.5 and the Flex 3.2 SDK installed for testing.
If you can see them, congratulations, you're almost done the first step, and then you have to do is
9 Enter the source / cygdrive / d / alchemy / alchemy-setup
10 Enter the alc-on
Alchemy of the development environment configuration is ready!
Second generation libraries Swc Alchemy
After configuring the development environment, you have to do in, yes, build their own sample directly
I recommend you open the sample / stringecho this example, enter 1 cd / cygdrive / d / alchemy / sample / stringecho / 2, you can enter a directory with a file called stringecho.c. If you open it you can see inside implementation, this is a very simple function, is to enter a string and returns a string input alc-on carriage .3 input gcc stringecho.c-O3-Wall-swc-o stringecho.swc Enter on this C language source files are compiled, the resulting stringecho.swc library. between some parameters, do not go to hell.
Step 4 If successful, you should see the following output text,
At this time, you look at the directory swc files that should be the file that you compiled!
Three will use the SWC files to the project in FB3 to introduce the method here, FLASH method to create your own try to .1 of a new project, ActionScript3 projects or projects can be .2 choose Flex project configuration, ActionScript BuildPath following, Library path
Opening the Flex3.2 library and set them under the playerglobal.swc property LinkType: must choose External, otherwise an error next to the Add SWC to join the stringecho.swc just compiled file.
Establishment of a new AS class, and write in the beginning
Import cmodule.stringecho.CLibInit
If you add other SWC files, you can rewrite the middle part of the other can be.
Use the following code to test
var test: CLibInit = new cmodule.stringecho.CLibInit; / / create a new class
var lib: Object = test.init (); / / Create implementation object
trace (lib.echo ("foo")); / / call C language functions derived
Note that echo is the C language, export information, which test is automatically added when the init function object. This is the function object using the AS3 language flexible. Once init is complete, you can use the function.
Finally, compile and run. Should be able to see the effect of the output bar inside the console.
Finally, I believe that the use Alchemy development is needed in the pre-design, large parts of the calculation is divided into the C language implementation, and let the AS3 implementation of general logic. The difficulty is some.
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