practice up this way

Concrete's up to you to understand the mind the easygoing inspird road, is coming out of your own
She has heard there is taste jingjing
Spare trail starting today, you may be transmitted to you is the first-to-human transmission
She quickly fell to road master last please be disciples a worship, together with a slight swing Pangu seven flora light

presents a hold up Li kindly on she says: it's another to normal to mixed element qiankun ring
Don't underestimate it he can follow your will become larger and smaller best thing it can hold living creatures!
Flash-Lee's middle finger up a purple head ring
Pangu and road this withdrawal only you can use the open method as long as you reach the third floor will be able to enter

inside the now you only one month and three-time
Remember not to last resort must not enter only your risk when you can enter which
Thomas h. Lee Road disciples remember master teachings
You have to find my extreme armor and playing crazy knife it separately in death deep forest and mountains in the world
Spare old my consciousness would be dissipated I sent you something said in Flash-flora photo along with seven ran into my body

in my enterprise, which slowly up and running
I close my eyes and enjoy that feeling suddenly ear sound came Pangu
Disciples, you can now open day practicing mixed element as a teacher was means to walk in mind if you want to leave this to

the heart of refining fifth floor open here, only you can leave this as a teacher in nine days you said above probably disappear
Thomas h. LEE's face was tears from birth until now no one ever has to own such a fine line that tears from Lee's slide
Thomas h. Lee road master you must complete the disciples themselves wish that
She has sat on the ground have legs crossed practicing up Pangu heart method
Pangu's road Las air in Lee of the enterprise, which constantly running a zhoutian two to three up to 99 80 a week genius

stopped she awoke with the soul of their own body surprised their own repair to have reached the heart of the second layer of

polyethylene element appears inside an egg-sized Golden gas this should God Dan.
She looked at in the Golden God Dan for a long time before the road waiting for?
She continues to practice up this way in the body run faster than the original rate doubled at this time, she does not know the

situation only see the outside of the earth around the Reiki in crazy to Li de gathers around slowly seeping into the body
Suddenly she felt his body to do so from their control of the air in vivo run faster and faster speed
When is she worried Dungeon Master to yourself was saying everything let it be thought that she simply whether it allows air to

run free in vivo
Suddenly she saw a white when she woke up to discover your surroundings changed around the white one eye could to edge
She stood in the sky suddenly there changed again woke up she surprised to find himself also the divine consciousness when she

used her body is observed surprised their own repair to have reached the fifth floor of top state she happy road teacher disciples

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