java implementation callback (transfer)

Abstract Java supports method pointers before, Java interfaces can not provide a good way to achieve the callback. If you are accustomed to pass in the event-driven programming model to call a function pointer, then you'll like this technique.
Are familiar with MS-Windows and X Window System event-driven programming model for developers who are accustomed to pass in a certain time of the incident call (that is, "callback"), a function pointer. Java, object-oriented model currently does not support method pointers, which would be impossible to use this very good mechanism. But we are not that nothing can be done!
Java provides an interface to support access to the equivalent function callback mechanism. Their skills are: the definition of a simple interface, and declared in the interface we have to call the method.

For example, assume that we want to be notified when an event occurs. We can define an interface:

public interface InterestingEvent (
/ / This is just a routine method. Therefore, if necessary,
/ / It can have return values, but also can receive parameters.
public void interestingEvent ();

This allows us to implement this interface to control any object class. Therefore, we do not care about any external type information. And in the C + + code for the Motif widgets use the data fields to accommodate the object pointer of the C function is difficult to control, this method is much better.

Given the event a class must wait for the signal to achieve the InterestingEvent interface object and at the appropriate time called interestingEvent () method.

public class EventNotifier (
private InterestingEvent ie;
private boolean somethingHappened;

public EventNotifier (InterestingEvent event) (
/ / Save the event object for later use.
ie = event;
/ / Not to report incidents.
somethingHappened = false;
testReCall ();

/ **
* Callback function
* @ Author Ken_xu
* /
public void testReCall () (
somethingHappened = true;
doWork ();

/ / ...
public void doWork () (
/ / Check the possibility of setting up the predicate.
if (somethingHappened) (
/ / By calling this method interface to issue the event signals.
ie.interestingEvent ();
/ / ...

/ / ...

In the above example, I used to keep track of whether it should be somethingHappened predicate triggering events. In many cases, calling this method is sufficient to assure interestingEvent () signal.

The code would like to receive event notifications must implement the InterestingEvent interface, and pass their reference to the event notification process.

public class CallMe implements InterestingEvent (
private EventNotifier en;

public CallMe () (
/ / Create an event notification procedures, and pass their reference to it.
en = new EventNotifier (this);

int doNum = 0;

/ / For the definition of the actual event handler.
public void interestingEvent () (
/ / Oh! There must be a feel good event!
/ / Perform some operations ...
System.out.println ( "doNum =" + doNum + +);
/ / ...

This is to do all the work. I hope that this simple Java idiom will make you more confident turning to Java.
Here, I add a test function
public class TestCallMe (

/ **
* @ Param args
* @ Author Ken_xu
* /
public static void main (String [] args) (
CallMe cm = new CallMe ();
System.out.println ("====");

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时间: 2010-03-18


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