Servlet first example (to)

We code and servlet web.xml configuration file to describe the operating principle and life cycle. In this case we achieve by implementing the servlet interface to our code. Servlet interface, the interface must implement all the methods to achieve.

First, the code section (

import javax.servlet.*;

public class test implements Servlet {
        private int i;
        public test() {

         *   Initialization servlet, the function will only be called once  (  When the user when the first visit to the servlet  )
        public void init(ServletConfig parm1) throws ServletException {
                System.out.println("init it");
                i = 0;

        public ServletConfig getServletConfig() {
                return null;

         *  This function is used to handle business logic, the business sections of code to achieve here  (  When the user when accessing the servlet  ,  This function will be called  )
        public void service(ServletRequest parm1, ServletResponse parm2)
                        throws ServletException, IOException {
                System.out.println("service it");

                PrintWriter pw = parm2.getWriter();
                pw.println("Hello World");
                pw.println(i);//  Values ​​from the input of the i would know  ,servlet  Is a singleton to work, regardless of which machine to access it  ,  I will increase its value  , Therefore, in multi-user concurrent access, will solve the problem of thread synchronization by the programmer to control  

        public String getServletInfo() {
                return null;

         *   The following two situations that call destory 1.reload  servlet(  In tomcat console  reload) 2.  Close tomcat, this is the end force  
        public void destroy() {
                System.out.println("destory it");

Second, web.xml configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app version="2.5" xmlns="**java.sun**/xml/ns/javaee"

                <!--  To take the name servlet  ,  Names can be arbitrary  -->
                <!--  The path specified in servlet  ,(  Package name + class name  )-->
        <!-- Define the hello Servlet Mapping -->
                <!--  And the servlet in  servlet-name  Consistent -->
                <!--  This is entered in the browser to access the servlet's  url,  Is arbitrary  -->
                <!--  According to the pattern found in the browser corresponding  servlet-name,  Found according to the corresponding servlet-name  class-->

Third, access to servlet
1, start tomcat
2, input ** can access the servlet

Fourth, servlet life cycle when the servlet when the first visit, init () is called, then calls service (). Then when servlet each visit, service will be called. When closing the servlet, or reload the project, destory called
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