[Java Performance Analysis] Introduction

Java performance analysis of the recent study's theme, theories related to Sun JVM memory management and garbage collection, JPDA Jishu, JVM manage API and the Sun JVM Attach API (non-standard), and familiar with some commonly used JVM Pouxi tools, including Sun JDK comes with jps / jinfo / jstat / jstack / jmap / jhat / jconsole / VisualVM, and some open source analysis tools, including Eclipse Memory Analyzer / Eclipse Profiler / Eclipse TPTP.

The next plans to write a series of BLOG, to learn to be a recent summary and review it

Principles and tools for Java performance analysis
1. Memory management and garbage collection
1) stack
2) heap
3) garbage collector
2.JVM Manage API
1) JMX
2) monitoring / analysis of the architecture building thinking: JVM running within the overall data and reporting (such as memory growth curve, threshold alarms, etc.)
1) Architecture
3) JDI / Debuger
4) implementation of the analysis
5) Memory Analysis
6) Monitoring / Analysis Architecture Construction for
A. Main function of the implementation of regularly collecting and reporting operational data (critical function to perform performance analysis, threshold alarms, etc.)
B. Run the establishment of IDC analysis platform (running on the dynamic problem by adding monitoring code tracking and analysis)
4.Sun JVM Attach API
5. Analysis Tools

1) jdk based analysis tool
jps (based on attach api)
jstat (based
jinfo (based
jmap (based
jsadebugd / jstatd (based
jstack (based
2) jdk tool for visual analysis
JConsole (based
VisualVM (based + jvmti)
3) Other monitoring / analysis tools
Eclipse MemoryAnalyzer, Eclipse Profiler, Eclipse TPTP
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时间: 2010-04-24


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