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前提 需要判断远程URL是否有效,远程url包括远程图片,网页,视频等等元素 解决办法: 使用PHP解决 使用file_get_contents函数,不过优缺点如果url无法访问,会出现终止程序问题 使用curl返回,然 ...
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Java call SQL Server stored procedure example

Recently made a small Java program (the first to write Java project oh), to the online search for a long time ...
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jsp stored procedure call sqlserver2000

Create table: CREATE TABLE [BookUser] ( [UserID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL , [UserName] [varchar] (50) CO ...
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[Original] their own label packaging of a Tab control, effect, and the same browser

[Original] their own label packaging of a Tab control, effect, and the same browser

Long time no write something in the Blog on a recent demand for the project, himself wrote a similar effect of ...
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20 Google Reader sharing feature Send To Tips

This article, based on the following comprehensive post production, thanks in this together! Particularly grat ...
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Ehcache simple application - RSSReaderTag

Ehcache simple application - RSSReaderTag

About caching, the use of their own, in most cases through the ORM configuration to take effect. Basically, wh ...
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ActionScript network image loading

package { import flash.display.Loader; import flash.display.LoaderInfo; import flash.display.Sprite; import fl ...
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centos 5.0 compiled and installed apache 2.2.6 + php5.2.5 + mysql5.0.46 + Zend notes

V2.0 2007 Year in October 8-day operation system update to centos 5.0 apache updated to version 2.2.6, php 5.2 ...
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代码另存为py文件,运行图片将自动下载到py文件相同目录,如果觉得每次运行找文件麻烦,可以新建py文件的快捷方式,程序还会自动给下载的图片命名 直接上代码: <span style="font-famil ...
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很多网站在首页上做一些链接,让用户来选择将要访问的各自的语言页面,让中国人选择"中文",韩国人选择"朝鲜语",等等.那么能不能做程序来自动帮助选择呢? 答案是肯定的,大家都在用go ...
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package cn.captain.htmlviewer; import cn.captain.service.htmlService; import; import andr ...
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js JavaScript encodeURIComponent () function, URL encoding conversion, esca

encodeURIComponent () The definition and use of encodeURIComponent () function can be the string encoded as a ...
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url of the jsessionid explanation (change)

(1) This is an insurance policy because the Session default Cookie support is required, but some customers Coo ...
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On the different browser URL encoded Analysis

Let's look at three url: url1. love of Yan Bao url2. E7% 88% B1% E5 ...
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[Change] URL encoding simple terms

【】 Simple terms turn URL encoding Top of page Top】 easily comprehensible URL encoding Copyright Statement: If ...
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