http: 192 168.16.225

Router of

Router of

MAC MAC (Media Access Control, Medium Access Control ) MAC address is burning in the Network Interface Card (N ...
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IPv4地址分为A.B.C.D.E五类,出去特殊作用的D.E两类,剩下的A.B.C三类地址是我们常见的IP地址段.A类地址的容量最大,可以容纳16777214个主机,B类地址可以容纳65534个主机,C类地址可以容纳25 ...
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mysql odbc does not recognize

Today, the reverse with the power designer mysql database and found that actually can not establish 192.168.1. ...
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syslog-ng one learning experience

Reproduced an article syslog-ng, and wanted to write a plan themselves, and that the article was very detailed ...
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What is a reverse proxy, how to use reverse proxy to improve site performance

What is a reverse proxy, how to use reverse proxy to improve site performance

Often see these days talking about in the blog kangzj agent, the article notes also mentioned reverse proxy, a ...
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(Rpm) using squid reverse proxy to improve site performance

Article Category: Web front-end text: This paper descri ...
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squid works and installation configuration examples Guide

Contents: A Test installation environment II. Compile and install Three. Squid and the principle mode n 3.1 SQ ...
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CentOS 6.3(64) --- fastdfs_v4.07 / 实现多服务器

CentOS 6.3(64) --- fastdfs_v4.07 / 实现多服务器

自己闲着没事,在小黑上虚拟了 4 个 centos 64 的系统,用来安装分布式 fastdfs . nginx 负载均衡,过程一路艰辛,搞了一个通宵都没弄好,终于在第二天的傍晚终于弄好了,记录一下过程. 有时候看书会犯 ...
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利用 squid 反向代理提高网站性能

利用 squid 反向代理提高网站性能

本文在介绍 squid 反向代理的工作原理的基础上,指出反向代理技术在提高网站访问速度,增强网站可用性.安全性方面有很好的用途.作者在具体的实验环境下,利用 DNS 轮询和 Squid 反向代理技术,实现了网站的负载均衡 ...
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Struts 2 environment

Struts 2 environment Download library: A complete list of ...
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[Reprinted] linux installation and configuration under the samba

Just beginning to learn samba, to thank the original author. Set in Ubuntu samba share read-write folder colle ...
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Mail:: SpamAssassin:: Conf - SpamAssassin Configuration Guide

Mail:: SpamAssassin:: Conf - SpamAssassin configuration guide English version of the same address - http://spa ...
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CVS cvs training, team development tool based on notes

1, CVS (Concurrent Version System) Introduction 1, CVS mechanism CVS is the RCS of the front-end tool for mult ...
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Solaris10 set the IP under

Set IP Suppose you want for the gateway IP set to Set IP: modify / etc / hosts, / ...
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Method without password ssh

Save time each time you log the remote host account password input trouble, but requested permission to have t ...
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Start load balancing

At the outset: I basically know nothing about load balancing F5 I read some of the information, as the main pr ...
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